Social Media websites: Moco

Social networking websites have been growing in popularity for 10 years or so, allowing people to form online communities and social networks. So far, most social network sites have been tethered to computers. In other words, you had to use a computer with an Internet connection to access the site. At least, that's been the case up until recently. While some social networking sites have customized pages that can be used on cell phone screens, MocoSpace latino is a social networking site designed specifically to reach out to customers on the go.

While MocoSpace works much the same as any other popular social networking site, it's specifically designed to be used on mobile devices like cell phones. You don't need an expensive smartphone to access MocoSpace either — it works with virtually any cell phone that can access the Internet.

The sign-up process is extremely easy and you can be done in less than a minute. If you want to skip the nit and grit, you can just automatically log in through your Facebook or Google account. Only your username, password, email, birthday, and gender are needed to create an account. You're required to upload a profile photo too, but unlike other sites, Mocospace online login doesn't review these photos.

Profiles can be private or public. Your friend request has to be accepted first before you can view a private profile. Mocospace members tend to have only a few bits of information available on their profile. What takes up most of their feed is their activity. Alarmingly, the feed shows a member's entire activity on the site (including which photos they've liked) which seems to be a breach of privacy.

The website looks neat and is easy to navigate. Much like Facebook, the timeline is full of new updates from other members. Unlike Facebook, the posts you will see on your timeline are of everyone on the website, not just your friends. The games are easy to find and fun to play. Video tutorials are available all around to help you find your way through the website. Because of privacy concerns, you'll find yourself seeing various warnings about sharing personal information on the website.