January 4, 2021

How to clean a mattress: some tips from Clean Couches Sydney!

It is essential to know how to clean a mattress to sleep in good conditions, to avoid diseases or the proliferation of harmful elements such as dust mites. So, what are the ways to properly maintain your bedding? What are the right reflexes to adopt? At Clean Couches Sydney, we tell you everything in this article!

Mattress Cleaning in Sydney

How to clean foam, latex or another mattress: the keys to washing your mattress

To wash your bedding, you should ideally use ammonia or hydrogen peroxide. It is important to know how to clean Mattress Cleaning in Sydney foam or other depending on the different dirt that can impregnate it. Washing is essential insofar as it eliminates all organic residues such as perspiration, and therefore bad odors:

Washing with hydrogen peroxide involves putting a few drops in a container of clear water, then immersing a sponge. Then you have to rub your bedding with this mixture, and let it dry. Remember to do this in the morning so that it is dry when the evening comes.

Dilute your ammonia very slightly and soak a cloth. Consider ventilating your room and protecting your hands, as well as a mask to prevent the fumes from getting into trouble. All you need to do is scrub your mattress, especially the stained areas, before rinsing it. Sprinkling the whole thing with baking soda when the drying time almost up helps prevent bad odors. All you have to do is vacuum the powder before going to bed.

You can also opt for soda crystals. For this, you must put on gloves, and prepare two liters of hot water in which you will put two tablespoons of soda crystals. Soak a sponge in this mixture and scrub your bed: this method is relatively quick. You must however rinse the whole with a washcloth soaked in clear water and wrung out. Then let it dry.

Another option, the steam cleaner dissolves stains on slightly dirty beds. You must also be careful not to get them too much, as this may promote the appearance of halos. Also, note that if the manufacturer has applied a stain-resistant treatment to the fabric of your bedding equipment, a steam cleaner can remove it.

So there are several simple solutions. But knowing how to clean a mattress made from natural, synthetic, or foam latex does not mean you need to maintain it regularly to avoid this type of problem.

What are the interview reflexes to adopt?

For your nights to remain healthy and restful, you must carry out regular maintenance of your bed. Indeed, while it is important to know how to clean a mattress, it is just as important not to let it get dirty.

To do this, you can use your vacuum cleaner regularly, to remove mites and dust that may accumulate there over time. Note also that the sun's rays help eliminates certain germs. An important point since unlike cleaning products and other detergents, viruses and bacteria cannot develop resistance to these rays.

So remember to ventilate it often by removing its sheet and mattress pad. The frequency of exposure to air and sunlight from your bedding equipment should be approximately once a week. You will also eliminate bad odors that may develop. Leave it for at least an hour under the rays of the sun for the best effect. The same goes for the baby mattress! At Clean Couches Sydney, we offer Lounge Cleaning Services in Sydney, mattress, carpet, and rug cleaning at low prices…