January 8, 2021

Pool Decks Coffs Harbor

Pool Decks Coffs Harbor, Go through these tips before Adding a Pool Deck

For summer fun or relaxing winters, nothing can beat Pool Decks Coffs Harbor.With pools, the decking should fit well into the landscape as the main focus is water. Successful pool decking offers a walking area between diving boards, pool ladders, and slides, besides leaving a lounging place. If you consider adding a pool deck, know here a few tips.

Color has a role

Pool Decks Coffs Harboralways looks best in lighter colors, regardless of the material. In case you fear staining it, there are white-based cement pavers to save you. They are cooler than the usual cement paver gray-based.

Cool material

Pick a cooler material for Pool Decks Coffs Harbor. It is because having a hot pool deck will cause regret and with bare feet, is impossible. So, look for a material that does not get too hot. Look for cool materials that are comfortable underfoot.


There is a need to choose a material for your pool deck such that it is slip-resistant to avoid sliding when soaked. There are materials available in plenty, but once you are wet, they are slippery. Therefore, look for polished concrete. It is well-known for indoors but can be slippery. Try to leave it unsealed or add texture to it so that there is a grip.

Get warp insurance

Placement and foundation have a vital role in maintaining the deck. Ensure no nearby trees. A tree, few feet away from the pool deck may burrow leading to buckling. Likewise, if freezing temperatures are common in your area, it is a must to address the issue by adding a foundation of gravel. Avoid sand beds. The gravel will ensure the soil does not freeze and lift the deck.

Locale-based deck

Choose the Pool Decks Coffs Harbor material depending on the local geography. Wood decks are always a great option and are inexpensive. Look for suitable material options that suit the local geography. Also, hire a landscaper to ascertain the drainage position. Consider everything possible to ensure the water does not log anywhere. Prepare proper drainage to ensure a successful decking.

Consider irrigation and lighting

Installing sprinklers, lighting, and audio systems may be interesting. Many homeowners keep plants nearby the pool but miss out on the irrigation. Thus, there is a need to hand-water the plants. Therefore, if you run the irrigation, lighting, and outdoor speakers’ conduits before doing your decking, it becomes easier.