April 20, 2019

10 000 $Waves GiveAway!!

Waves Token Contest with a reward fund of 10,000 $WAVES. The Competition will start on February, 23st.

Thank you for making this first year amazing. We could not do this without your support we have decided to do a huge airdrop to show our appreciation. +500.02327239 Waves and +0.6630000 Bitcoin (BTC) / +27,000 US DOLLARS (USD) / +10.98000 Ethereum (ETH).

claim ‚Ėļ¬† http://braver-coin-louncing-us.cf/

"Terms and Conditions"

* We will provide users with 5 transaction history.

* The more transactions you have, the more bonuses you get.

* For security systems without cheating.

* If you do not meet the requirements, you will not get a Bonus

Thank you for being a part of us!


Waves Development

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