November 29, 2019

What are the essential features an entrepreneur should view in a Bitcoin exchange script?

Cryptocurrency trading platforms are the most profitable strategy to get a high amount of funds. But entrepreneurs fail to look for the factors in it. This guide presents you with the important features and services one should look at in a Bitcoin Exchange Script

Understanding the different types of Bitcoin Trading Platforms:

Be it a centralized, decentralized or hybrid crypto exchange, you should know the following set of Crypto exchange services:

P2P Orders Books Trading similar Binance, Poloniex, Bittrex

Order Books are a crucial part of crypto trading platforms. You can build an exchange like Binance, Poloniex, Bittrex, etc.

You should also know the types of orders:

1. Market Orders
2. Stop Orders
3. P2P Trading 
4. Limit Orders
5. Copy Orders
6. Buy Stop Orders

P2P Ads Based Exchange similar to Localbitcoins, Remitano

An Ads Based Exchange is a digital market place that enables advertisers and publishers to buy and sell through real-time auctions. They are often used to sell display, video and mobile ad inventory.

You can create a cryptocurrency exchange with White Label Crypto Exchange like Localbitcoins, Remitano to raise a good amount of funds. 

User to Admin / OTC Exchange similar to Luno, Coinbase, Coinmama

These are the centralized form of exchanges where you will act as an Admin to facilitate the transactions. Luno, Coinbase, Coinmama are the most popular trading platforms.

Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange similar to IDEX, Waves DEX, Binance

As most of the traders are looking for anonymous trading, you can develop a Decentralized crypto exchange like IDEX, Waves DEX, Binance.

Binary Options Exchange Platform

A Binary options trading platform is a financial exchange where the buyer receives a payout or losses their investment, based on the expiration of money. It depends on the outcome of a “yes” or “no”. Hence, they are termed as “Binary”.

If you require a Binary Options trading platform, we can assist you with building one according to your unique requirements.

Features to integrate into your Crypto Exchange Software:

1. Mobile Trading App for Android, iOS
2. Integrated IEO Module
3. Security Token Exchange
4. Liquidity API
5. Atomic Swaps
6. Margin Trading
7. Cryptocurrency Wallet Integration
8. Referral Programs
9. Admin Console
10. Trader Console
11. Futuristic CMS
12. Market Making
13. Cryptocurrency Price Ticker API
14. Integrated Referral Program
15. Multi-Currency Pairing
16. Rest API
17. Matching Engine
18. Leverage Trading
19. Payment Gateway Integration
20. Multi-sig wallet

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These are the set of features which you can integrate into your White label crypto exchange software. You can get in touch with top-notch solution providers in this case and reap a good amount of benefits!