August 21, 2020

Here's How An Excellent Drug Crime Lawyer Can Sneak You Out Of Serious Penalties

It’s a very serious felony if you are charged with the possessing, growing or selling marijuana in Texas. Texas has developed laws that restrict Marijuana cultivation and selling and severely punish anyone arrested for manufacturing or distributing illicit substances in the US.

These people may face a few years or even decades in prison as a penalty. Still, if you have an excellent drug crime lawyer standing by your side, then the chances of severe penalties and prison time will be significantly diminished.

It is your constitutional right to be shielded from unfair searches and seizures. If the officer has made a move during the arrest which was not in accordance with the correct protocols it will help you quickly get released from custody and potentially dismiss your case.

When there is any uncertainty about the legitimacy of the conviction, you can be swiftly pardoned from the charges of marijuana possession with the guidance of an able drug crime lawyer. It is possible to reduce the sentence in several respects. But it is crucial that you have an excellent drug crime lawyer who knows all of this.

There are numerous consequences if the charges upon you have been established:

●      You won't be able to get decent employment and jobs will generally pay you less.

●      You’ll have to live with being a felon (in some cases) and lose privileges afforded most other Americans

●      If re-arrested, you are considered a repeat offender by the authorities and the penalties are increased.

Many people commit different crimes, so authorities have to be strict and agile to maintain law and order. But an excellent drug crime lawyer or law firm such as Cole Paschall Law will always defend your rights and try to reduce your penalties or get you acquitted altogether! To explore your legal rights and options, reach the Law Office of Cole Paschall Law, one of the top drug crime lawyers in Fort Worth, TX at 1-817-477-4100.