March 17, 2020

тесты на тему past simple

  • He .... home late last night.comecamecomed
  • She .... her work half an hour ago.finishenfinishfinished
  • I .... this film last week.sawseeseen
  • It .... on a sunny spring day.happenhappenedhappend
  • I .... born in August.waswerebeen
  • He .... too much chocolate yesterday.ateeateneat
  • I .... a sweet dream last night.havehashad
  • He .... home in tears to his mother.ranrunruned
  • They .... for Moscow two hours ago.leavedleavenleft
  • He .... from Harvard last year.graduategraduatedgraduates


Онлайн упражнение на тему «Утвердительные предложения в Past Simple / прошедшем простом времени».

Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Past Simple:

  • Joan (to make) a beautiful dress for my wedding.
  • I (to take) a shower one hour ago.
  • He (to say) his name (to be) Nick.
  • He (to know) that he could trust her.
  • Mary (to hear) the sound of voices.
  • We (to fly) into Heathrow on Sunday morning.
  • I didn't get it because it (to cost) too much.
  • She (to open) her shopping bag and (to take) out an umbrella.
  • He (to read) the poem aloud.
  • They (to play) tennis last Saturday.


Онлайн упражнение на тему «Вопросительные предложения в Past Simple».

Образуйте вопросительное предложение в Past Simple:

  • (you / to go) out last night?
  • What (you / to do) at the weekend?
  • How (the accident / to happen)?
  • (Sarah / to come) to the party?
  • (it / to snow) yesterday?
  • (they / to have) a good holiday?
  • Where (he / to stay)?
  • (you / to drink) coffee?
  • (he / to finish) his work in time?
  • (she / to water) the flowers?