March 17, 2020

тесты на тему present simple

Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present Simple:

  • Alex always (to kiss) his children goodnight.
  • My father seldom (to wash) dishes.
  • I (to visit) my aunt once a month.
  • The baby always (to sleep) after dinner.
  • On Saturday they (to go) to the cinema.
  • His parents (to live) in St.Petersburg.
  • The sun (to rise) in the East.
  • Bad students never to work) hard.
  • On Sundays we (to have) dinner at home.
  • My son (to have) a lot of friends to play with.


Онлайн тест на тему «Утвердительные предложения в настоящем простом времени».

Выберите правильную форму глагола в Present Simple:

  • I .... Spanish with my sister.studystudies
  • My sister .... a shower every morning.taketakes
  • This house .... to my grandmother.belongbelongs
  • We .... to go for a walk in the morning.likelikes
  • My husband and I .... a lot of money on books.spendspends
  • John .... milk twice a day.drinkdrinks
  • It .... in Russia in winter.snowsnows
  • Plants .... well in a warm climate.growgrows
  • They often .... TV at night.watchwatches
  • His dog never .... .barkbarks


Онлайн тест на тему «Вопросительные предложения в Present Simple».

Образуйте вопросительное предложение в Present Simple:

  • (Jane / to cook) well?
  • (you / to do) exercises every morning?
  • (they / to speak) English?
  • (your parents / to spend) their weekends at home?
  • (she / to like) to travel?
  • What (you / to have) for breakfast?
  • Where (your mum / to work)?
  • When (your classes / to begin)?
  • What (monkeys / to eat)?
  • What time (the plane / to arrive)?