Тест на Будущее простое время в английском языке (The Future Simple Tense)

Предлагаем Вам пройти бесплатный онлайн-тест на знание Будущего простого времени (The Future Simple Tense) английского языка. Тест с ответами.

1. It’s late. I think I … a taxi.

will take

am take

shall take

2. We don’t know their address. What … ?

are we do

will we do

shall we do

3. You … in Paris tomorrow evening.


will arrive


4. The boy … this day all his life.

will remember


should remember

5. I’m not sure I … Jim at the hotel.

shall find


shall found

6. We … the tickets in advance.

shalln’t book

not book

shan’t book

7. Do you think it … ?

will rain


will be rain

8. Everybody thinks they … married.

won’t get

shall not get

not will get

9. There … any wars in the world.

not’ll be

aren’t wars

will not be

10. I … it before dinner.

‘ll not do

not shall do

not do


  • I don't know what he thinks about it, but I him.
    • will be asking
    • am asking
    • will have asked
    • will ask
  • 2.I'll come home late tomorrow. I out with my friend.
    • am dining
    • will have been dining
    • will dine
    • will be dining
  • 3.It is not clear if the weather for the better, and we want to know if our plane will be late.
    • will have changed
    • changes
    • will be changing
    • will change
  • 4.If I George tomorrow, I will tell him to come and see you.
    • am going to meet
    • will be meeting
    • will meet
    • meet
  • 5.By this time next year Professor Smith on the subject for five years.
    • will lecture
    • will have been lecturing
    • will be lecturing
    • will have lectured
  • 6.I won't give you a definite answer until I from my bank.
    • have heard
    • hear
    • will hear
    • will have heard
  • 7.By the first of December this year I here for fifteen years already.
    • will be working
    • will have worked
    • will have been working
    • will work
  • 8.She is in the country now and she there for another week.
    • will be staying
    • will have stayed
    • will have been staying
    • will stay
  • 9.According to the weather forecast it tomorrow all day long.
    • will be raining
    • will have rained
    • will rain
    • will have been raining
  • 10.I don't know if he to join us, but if he does, it will change my plans.
    • makes up his mind
    • will make up his mind
    • has made up his mind
    • will have made up his mind
  • 11.By the beginning of next month the firm for four years.
    • will have been functioning
    • will function
    • will have functioned
    • is functioning
  • 12.I won't leave the house before the postman mail.
    • is bringing
    • will have brought
    • will bring
    • brings
  • 13.You can't see this film on TV tonight, they it only next Sunday.
    • show
    • will show
    • are showing
    • will be showing
  • 14. their luggage by the time the taxi comes?
    • Will they be packing
    • Will they
    • They will pack
    • Will they have packed
  • 15.Jason Russian for two years before he leaves Russia.
    • will learn
    • will have learnt
    • will be learning
    • will have been learning