Antonio Forcione Quartet - In Concert. (2006 г., FLAC).

With its deft combination of acoustic guitar and cello, Antonio Forcione's group has been one of the classier practitioners of pastel-tinged, Metheny-esque improv. As ever, a little patience is required in the opening sequences: Forcione is a virtuoso who likes to indulge in extended bouts of throat-clearing before he launches into the thick of things. But by the time the spry ethnic themes of African Dawn and Sahara Rain heave into view, the musicians have raised the temperature by several notches. Tarantella is a forceful workout as you'll hear from any heavyweight jazz-rockers.'

Производитель диска: Naim

Аудио кодек: FLAC

Продолжительность: 1:03:16


01. Intro (0:28).

02. Heart Beat (6:18).

03. Tears Of Joy (5:47).

04. Attempo (4:53).

05. African Dawn (8:10).

06. Sahara Rain (5:53).

07. Night Passage (7:32).

08. Indian Cafe (11:00).

09. Tarantella (4:54).

10. Maurizio's Party (8:23).