Cool Roof Paint

Cool Roof Paint is an acrylic based paint with a High Solar Reflective Index. The sun oriented solar reflective paint uses common mineral-based innovation which upgrades its exhibition and life. The unparalleled ability in assembling the paint gives a magnificent answer for Solar Heat Insulation requests in the Commercial and Industrial areas.

Cool Roof Paint reflects back most of the IR and UV beams making it the best answer for the rooftop covering industry. Subsequently, the end client gets alleviation from rankling summer heat that is expanding inside the reason because of sun-powered warmth move. It's the ability to diminish rooftop temperature by up to 16O C which correspondingly lessens inside temperature making space for better living and useful climate. As a low V.O.C. paint it leaves no smell post-application thus keeps up the wellbeing of the encompassing.

The rooftop covering innovation which is by and large known as Heat Reflective Paint or Albedo Paint extemporized with utility, improved with execution, fabricated, and marked as Cool Roof Paint. It is prepared to utilize Solar Heat Insulation Coating for the topmost layer of rooftops or dividers that is presented to the immediate daylight. Its high infrared reflectivity guarantees exceptionally less warmth assimilation which will, in general, disseminate it effectively with time. It likewise builds the life of the surface by keeping it from heat extension. Not just temperature control, it reflects UV beams which is a significant reason for maturing and surface corruption.

The covering methodology is without bothering, simple to apply which energizes no profitability or functionality misfortune as it requests covering over your pre-organized structures. It takes out the extent of de-gathering material structure to finish the cleaning and painting position. The paint deals with the standard of constant dismissal of IR and UV Rays, which bring about lesser assimilation of sun-powered warmth on a superficial level. Thereby giving an effective temperature contrast. With the impression of UV, it guarantees a more extended life on account of lessened corruption because of maturing. The solid film locks soil and contamination out keeping the covering perfect and performable alongside the least upkeep required.

The building stays cool in any event, during top summer.
Humidification and cooling costs can diminish up to 40%.
Gives residue and water repellency.
Ease application and support.

Eco-accommodating arrangement (non-dangerous/harmful substance, low VOC, saves energy). Its rich consistency consistently covers the finished profile of different substrates.