October 7, 2020


““The owl of Minerva spreads its wings only with the falling of dusk."

— Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Hello, my name is Ilya Zhitomirsky and this is my post-mortem message to you.

If you are reading this, I expect it means that you are a person of great honesty and integrity. It is so because the person who shared this article with you considers yourself as someone who is very trustworthy. It also means this person cares about you deeply.

During current tragic events around the world, the future might seem completely unpredictable. To deal with those uncertainties, I decided to investigate if there were people who warned us of what was coming? If there were any signals that have remained unnoticed they might tell us how we should act in a way to prepare for the future that is coming. Here I want to share with you small portion of the insight I gathered and propose what we can do for us, our families, our planet to survive and thrive in the world of the future.

Before you decide to continue, I apologize in advance for any discomfort the following information might cause as it may contradict your current beliefs.I have great respect for you and I don't have any intention to offend you in any way. Nevertheless I have a moral obligation and the responsibility to inform you, knowing how uncomfortable it might be. At the same time, I strongly encourage you to verify everything by yourself, and please don't take any of my word for granted. I will further provide tools and resources so you can use them to validate the information. It is not 100% accurate but because of the urgency to understand in general the bigger picture, it would be sufficient to sacrifice in quality.

This journey started when the US stock market plummeted this February. I recalled that there were people who predicted the crash of 2008 and made huge profits. I decided to look for those who predicted the latest one. Among those were the hedge fund manager Ray Dalio and investor Robert Kiyosaki. Their rhetoric regarding the prospects of not only the US but also the world economy seemed very grim and it made me curious to learn more. Here I will start by explaining the situation in the US as it would help to understand the bigger picture of the future that is coming.

As I started my research - one of my first revelations was that the economy of the world operates differently from how people usually think about it or how the education system teaches if teaches at all. The economy in practice became so distant from its origins and fundamental principles. Ideas of a balance between supply and demand, money as the store of value based on produced goods, or of the stock market as a reflection on the state of expectations about companies and the economy. In reality, the stock market became pure speculation driven by trading robots, irrational emotional human behavior, and corporate buybacks; money is digitally made and based on the single belief that in the future they will be accepted in exchange for valued goods and services.; the economy itself operates using misleading premises and false logic like the rationality of behavior or the market's "invisible hand" leading to continuous degradation towards more insolvency and ultimate self-destruction.

By looking for an explanation of why the state of the economy is so turbulent, it led me to the history of banking, specifically of the Federal Reserve Bank (FED) which supposed to establish financial stability through overseeing other banks. By changing the supply of money in circulation, the Fed affects the mortgage payments of millions of families, causing the financial markets to boom or collapse, and prompting the economy to expand or to stumble into recession. I found that FED is operating as a nonpublic organization, his shareholders are banks who benefit through dividends from the interest on government debt.

During the Christmas eve of 1913, when most people preparing for the celebration, FED was enacted by President Woodrow Wilson to "aid business," but the plan behind the FED creation was developed in secrecy by members of international finance and banking families in 1910. They wanted to create a central bank to save their banks from collapse, finance war and have control over government currency.

On the real goals behind the FED
Robert Latham Owen, co-sponsor of The Federal Reserve Act.

FED claims it is regularly independently audited and is not owned by foreign entities, though for the first time in history the audit happened only in 2011. It almost had no media coverage but revealed that during and after the 2008 financial crisis $16 trillion was allocated not only to US banks but also to international banks and corporations including Barclays (UK), Royal Bank of Scotland Group (UK), Deutsche Bank (Germany), UBS (Switzerland), Credit Suisse Group (Switzerland), Bank of Scotland (UK), BNP Paribas (France), Dexia (Belgium), Dresdner Bank (Germany), and Societe General (France). This sum was not reflected in FED's balance sheet. Federal Reserve indeed functions to the complete opposite of what we would consider "in the public interest."

By using tax-payer money for bail-outs it allocates the financial risks to the taxpayers and therefore permits further wrong-doing of financial institutions and corporations. One of the major ideas behind capitalism was that there is a high risk of going out of business, therefore while the owner carries the burden of this risk, employees should expect the surplus from their means of production given to the owner. Due to government bailouts, owners benefit both from higher profits and from carrying the burden of risk from shareholders to the taxpayers.

It goes worse: this happens not only in the US government but all around the world. Central Banks of most countries are privately owned and by creating money, put nations deeper into debt. These banks follow the rules recommended by the dictatorship of the World Bank, IMF, and WTO who leverage international agreements as a power to manipulate economies in their own interest, deciding either to cooperate with some government / institution or to contribute to their destruction. During major crises, banks create money using a tool called Quantitative Easing which is based on the false premise that by funneling money into financial markets, it would eventually "trickle-down" to the real economy by providing liquidity (credit) to the market.

Indeed in 2020, there weren't really problems with liquidity, FED overreacted, and created enormous bubbles in financial markets, fusing trillions of dollars to Wall Street, expanding FED's balance sheet, and bailing out "zombie" companies. The evidence is that it has done very little to create jobs and increase economic growth. The FED repeatedly uses the same strategies of QE but convinces the public as if this time it would be different because they do it on a much larger scale than previously.

It wasn't always like that. I found that the history of the US and of the world was tightly connected to the war between those who control the money creation. Going back, from the 11th century until the year 1783 people enjoyed something that is today probably the most forbidden idea: interest-free money (In England they were called tally sticks). Due to tolerable taxes, no government debt, and no interest to pay, people enjoyed enormous freedom. So much that It fueled one of the most wonderful and creative times in our history - the Renaissance Era.

England experienced unprecedented growth and prosperity. The average labor worked only 14 weeks and was well-paid, the quality of life was rapidly increasing. The country was in the hands of thousands of farmers. Having 160-180 holidays, people voluntarily contributed their time to build England's magnificent cathedrals, etc.

When the Bank of England was established, it started to lend money to the government. Interest rates started to grow and so did taxes. A specific pattern emerged: banks funded wars against countries that still had an interest-free money system. It led to further indebtedness of England and greater taxes. Growing debt kept the need to intervene in interest-free economies like North American colonies and France under Napoleon.

The money in America "colonial scrip" was based on a revolutionary idea: it was not backed by gold or silver and therefore colonies could control its purchasing power and enjoy no interest. When in 1765 implementation of the Stamp Act caused trade to operate only by gold, a time of abundance has ended. Benjamin Franklin tried to explain the benefits of colonial currency to the British Board of Trade, but colonial money was banned by the English Parliament in the following Currency Act. Many believe it led to the revolutionary war.

In 1775 colonies started to print new money - "Continental." England started an economic war by silently counterfeiting the currency causing its devaluation. Finally, it forced the US to switch to the monetary system based on a gold standard. Gold was great for the bankers: because the supply was scarce, they could easily use it to manipulate economies.

In 1782 first privately-owned Bank of North America was established. It had the power to print money. By 1785 due to rapid inflation and a 72% increase in prices, it was outlawed. In 1791 the Bank of the United States was established and operated till 1811. The end of the bank led to the second war for Independence of 1812-1815. It ended with the end of southern states' separatism but a new central bank was established in 1816.

As the US President Andrew Jackson vetoed the continuation of the bank and ended government debt, bankers tried to assassinate him. After President Abraham Lincoln issued national interest-free money (greenbacks) in 1862, he was assassinated too. In 1966 congress passed a contraction act which resulted in a series of recessions. This increased pressure on the government to create a central banking system. Bankers removed 86% of greenbacks from circulation which resulted in an economic depression. When in 1881 US President James Garfield instigated a campaign against banks, he was also assassinated. Similar removal of 33% of the money supply resulted in the 1930 depression and 40% removal happened during the crisis of 2008.

“The powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent meetings and conferences. The apex of the systems was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world's central banks which were themselves private corporations. Each central bank...sought to dominate its government by its ability to control Treasury loans, to manipulate foreign exchanges, to influence the level of economic activity in the country, and to influence cooperative politicians by subsequent economic rewards in the business world.”

Carroll Quigley, Professor of History at Georgetown University, member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in his book "Tragedy and Hope"

Initially, the founding fathers envisioned a country where the freedom of the citizen (excluding slaves) to be maximized, while the government was limited to impose as little influence as possible. We can see this in the constitution. For example, the only source of money for the government were import taxes on foreign goods. Founders even tried a socialist economy before shifting to capitalism. But at the same time, the founders hated democracy since wealth inequality was still present and they purposefully created institutions that had to prevent democracy.

Why the Constitution Had to Be Destroyed

Thomas J. DiLorenzo

As the country progressed further and faced challenges both from expanding the voter base and from the influence of foreign enemies, people in power subverted almost everything founding fathers stood for to preserve and expand the power of the status quo.

With the presidency of Woodrow Wilson, bankers started to slowly, incrementally subvert America back into serfdom and transforming it into an ally of the ex-British empire towards global dominance and imperialism. For example, previously it was unconstitutional to tax individual income, so the Senate passed the Revenue tax act by selling to the public the idea of an income tax on corporate profits. But then the term "income" was changed, which gave the government an opportunity to tax citizens too. Similarly, the mandatory war tax was unconstitutional, but Woodrow Wilson managed to pass this too.

Among other things, Woodrow Wilson is known for is his strong advocacy of the Ku Klux Klan, ideas to establish worldwide control of the League of Nations, which later became the United Nations and European Union. He is also the president on the $100000 banknote.

Edward Bernays

There was a man who is one of the most influential in history, but few heard about him - Edward Bernays. He was the "father of propaganda" and mastered the skill of mass manipulation and perception management. He even re-branded the term propaganda as "public relations." As Americans didn't want to join WWI, Woodrow Wilson was elected on the campaign "He kept us out of the war." Shortly after the election, British influence with money from bankers like J.P. Morgan helped Woodrow Wilson and Edward Bernays subvert Americans into participation in the war under the mission of "spreading democracy." After WWII to boost the economy, Bernays substituted the American Dream with enormous consumerism which in combination with gold secretly stolen from Germany (the Nazis stole if from Europe), reparations, and strong labor unions, rapidly increased prosperity.

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. ...We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. ...In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons...who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”

— Edward Bernays, "Propaganda"

Among other Bernays's contributions was his collaboration with the CIA to make the public believe there was a threat of communism in Guatemala, so the US could legitimize invasion and regime change. He used fear to sell products and promoted cigarettes to women as both a sign of feminism and "slimming to the waistline." The idea of a slim woman as an ideal body and the image of traditional American families was propagated and successfully changed the perception of American people.

These imposed values and hierarchy resulted in the 1950's "teenager" - a rebellious child, who later became a "Baby-boomer" generation of sociopaths. These children were alienated from the norms parents and society imposed on them. This, combined with disasters of world wars and the Great Depression, contributed to the development of postmodern philosophies and critical theory.

Goebbels, Minister of Nazi Propaganda learned everything he knew from Edward Bernays, which made his work so successful. A Harvard grad Ernst "Putzi" Hanfstaengl was among Hitler's closest friends and not only edited "Mein Kampf," but created the "Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil!" chant which was a direct bastardization of cheerleaders chanting "Harvard! Harvard! Harvard! Rah! Rah! Rah!" To write "Mein Kampf" Hitler also plagiarized passages from Ford's book "International Jew" and regarded him as "his inspiration."

British royals and bankers and bankers sponsored the first world war to destroy countries not loyal to their rule. The Versailles treaties conditions for Germany after WWI were intentionally so strict to make the start of WWII almost inevitable. While the British royals of the house of Windsor admired Hitler and wanted to destroy the Soviet Union as Stalin took control, Churchill wanted to destroy the Germany's nation soul. The Soviet Union initially also helped Germany regain it's power as they saw a potential ally to counter British influence. Hitler received an enormous amount of support from international bankers and the intellectual elite.

Among these were writers like H.G.Wells and Aldous Huxley, who were part of the Committee of 300 and described the world they envision in their books. Wells openly predicts WWII both in this interview and in the movie "Things to Come" (1936). These people envisioned a long war that would end all wars as would get total control and in the end, would bring a technocratic utopia. George Orwell wasn't among these people, but lived through the experience and described his vision of the future of Europe. Orwell looked back at the film and wrote, ominously, that “much of what H.G. Wells has imagined and worked for is physically there in Nazi Germany. The order, the planning, the State encouragement of science, the steel, the concrete, the airplanes, are all there, but all in the service of ideas appropriate to the Stone Age.”

False prophet Edgar Cayce also had insider knowledge and predicted the war. Aldous Huxley in his interview explained that what he described in his dystopian novel Brave New World were the technologies the ruling elite planned to use. They are much more subtle techniques than what was previously used in other totalitarian regimes. Later he realized that this world would be a disaster and wrote "Island" - what he envisioned as a better society of the future.

To force society to accept the new system of governance they planned to use thought manipulation using drugs, subversion of basic human values, destruction of love, of the family. It played out well thanks to Hollywood and music propaganda. Movements like the LSD boom, fake cults like New Age, Scientology, mind control technologies developed during secret programs like MKULTRA, and research at Tavistock Institute were used for nefarious reasons.

Nazi drugged the whole nation using Pervitin, rebranded american methamphetamine. In the US LSD was supposed to make it easier to execute mass manipulation, but the plan backfired and achieved quite the opposite - when people became more in touch with their true nature, they started to oppose the draft to the Vietnam war. The government prohibited all drugs to prevent the rise in human consciousness when they started to waking up. As Pentagon Papers were published and showed how the government lied about the Vietnam war, the despair and distrust of the government became so strong it took 30 years till 9/11 and a new set of lies about alleged "weapons of mass destruction" to convince the public to get into another war.

LSD, Hippies and the CIA

Paul Krassner

US corporations played a crucial role in the rapid Nazi industrialization and many profited from genocide, holocaust, and slave labor: IBM, Volkswagen, Coca-Cola, IG Farben, Standard Oil, Bosch. Among some of the Nazi's greatest contributors were the families of Bush, Ford, DuPont, Rockefeller, Warburg, Vanderbilt, Muller, Morgan, Rothschild. Many of them were convinced Malthusians (debunked science of lack of resources caused by unlimited population growth). They were also big fans of eugenics (later renamed as "Biodemography and Social Biology," "Transhumanism," "Human genetics," "Planned Parenthood," "Family Planning"), and studied the occult like A. Crowley and Blavatsky. Their belief system included many Neoplatonic, Gnostic, Freudian, Nihilistic ideas, and obsession with purity and cleanliness. Bill Gates Sr, Prince Philip also share a similar worldview.

It makes sense since there is a higher probability of people with "dark triad" personality traits and psychopathy achieving greater success in business and occupying positions of a higher power and influence. Similar to Trinity College Cambridge, Imperial College London in the UK or Central European University in Europe, top US universities like Stanford, Harvard, and Yale function as recruitment camps for the future immoral business/political elite and CIA/MI6. Johns Hopkins University, Purdue University, University of Houston, University of Washington, West Virginia University, University of Hawaii, Triton College, Southern University, University of New Mexico, University of Chicago, University of Arizona seem to be among their biggest collaborators too.

During the Munich Agreement in 1938 proto-Nato was created to wage war against the Soviet Union. On June 26, 1940, in Waldorf-Astoria Rockefeller, James D. Mooney of General Motors; Edsel Ford of the Ford Motor Company, and others gathered to celebrate Hitler's invasion of France. Hitler propaganda lied about war on the bankers' cabal as he was totally funded by them. Hitler was not only a perfect opportunity for those people to bring their dreams into realization but also to shift the world to a new totalitarian system and prevent the spread of communism. Because areas of growth for capitalism almost ended and the competition increased - an alternative system needed to be established to manage and distribute the resources top-down. Democracy itself is a great threat to people in power and had to be destroyed.

Hollywood collaborated with Hitler, getting approval for the movies from the Nazi regime. Anti-nazi films were censored. The media in the US downplayed Nazi crimes knowingly and contributed to the positive public opinion about the Nazis until President Roosevelt understood that Hitler starts to lose and decided to use a false flag attack in Japan to get the US to enter the war. Then the media changed the narrative in favor of the USSR, war, patriotism, and interventionism. Americans didn't want to go to war, but massive propaganda managed to convince them.

As President Roosevelt's collectivist attempt to grab more power over people through the "New Deal" was only increasing stagnation both for people and bankers, the depression became the "Great Depression." Only going to the war helped to kick-start the economy. Roosevelt was a great Mussolini sympathizer. He tried to disrupt free speech and increase control over the media. He seized and destroyed crops at the time many Americans starved, forcing the US to be dependent on crops import. New Deal was very close both to Hitler's and Mussolini New Deal policies. Hitler basically modeled concentration camps from the US. There were camps for Japanese, who was Roosevelt's scapegoats, for Native Americans, for black. On the Mexico border not only camps but full-fledged sterilization campaign. (Recently a nurse whistleblower told it still keeps happening to immigrants detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement).

Similar to today's Green New Deal, the New Deal of 30's also promoted a switch to renewable energy. Roosevelt's administration was so successful at propaganda using radio in each household (Hitler used a similar strategy) that he got elected for the third term and almost got an authoritarian power. As people started to recognize the crimes of the Nazis and the first attempt to create a collectivist regime in the US through New-Dealism failed, the government increased use of the education and media as indoctrination tools to subvert human values towards another extreme, new left ideology - almost the complete opposite of Nazi ideology, but not less radical.

In 1941-42 it was already clear that the Soviet Union would conquer Hitler, so the US and Britain decided to officially join the war. At the same time, they delayed direct confrontation with Hitler until 1944 to increase mutual damage between Germany and USSR. After the end of the war, many Nazis were left without prosecution and kept high ranking positions in Germany. Nuremberg Trials was just a theater for the public. US with UK secretly developed plan to continue Hitler's Operation Barbarossa against Soviet Union - the Operation Unthinkable, but dropped it at last second. Almost any crime was acceptable for the alleged cause of stopping communism.

CIA (ex-OSS) during Operation Paperclip together with the help of the Vatican and Red Cross liberated thousands of former Nazis. Some kept their work within the US, some abroad. Many of them were criminals evading prosecution including death camp "doctor" Joseph Mengele, who kept working carrying out abortions. CIA director Alan Dulles and his brother were prominent Nazi sympathizers too. After the operation, some Nazi scientists went to work for NASA but many kept their work through the CIA.

Groups within the CIA operate independently no matter who the president is. President can be either ignored or killed as it happened to Kennedy. Kennedy warned about his assassination months before by releasing the movie "Seven days in May." He had angered many people, he was committed to getting out of Vietnam, to prevent the nuclear armament of Israel, he opposed the CIA plan "Operation Northwoods" - plan designed to legitimize the invasion of Cuba. The operation included planned domestic acts of terrorism under the name of communism to alienate the public.

After the Trilateral Committee founded by Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski helped elect President Jimmy Carter, the CIA threatened Carter with a fake assassination attempt to pressure him to fund terrorist groups in Afghanistan. It later led to a war against the Soviet Union and the CIA taking control over the opium trafficking production which increased tenfold.

“The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.”

― Zbigniew Brzezinski,
Between Two Ages: America's Role in the Technetronic Era

Much of world drug trafficking is directed by the CIA, which they use to fund illegal operations. The Vatican Jesuits not only helped organize Nazi escape during the end of WWII but are also deeply involved in drug trafficking and money laundering. There is a whole shadow banking system operating in the world. Recently it was uncovered at least 21 trillion dollars went undocumented in the black hole of NASA-Pentagon funding. Other militant Nazis formed the 4th Reich/Black International and were used to overthrow governments in Europe, Argentina, etc.

When the pro-slavery democratic party realized increasing threat from the black community getting the right to vote, they changed their campaign as if they were advocating for civil rights. Their fundamental belief system was preserved covertly. Their policies and the funding behind the party prove their hypocrisy. Slavery for some transformed into covert oppression for all through taxes and destruction of the social fabric.

Policies like Social Security were contributing to further dependence, addiction of people to the government. Indoctrination and economic censorship helped control the narrative while the promotion of birth control helped reduce the growth of the population. Drinks like Coca-Cola are used to decrease fertility and by secretly adding small doses of cocaine create addiction. Diseases, drug abuse epidemic, hidden food modification and contamination, promotion of unhealthy lifestyle combined with series of economic shocks, and bad monetary policies contributed to the decrease of quality of life and the destruction of the middle class.

As political pressure of anti-war and anti-government movements increased. As consumerism was declining the elite started to deconstruct democratic institutions, norms, outsource manufacturing globally. The trilateral committee published in their 1975 report that people had "too much democracy." The election of Reagan was the result of this neoliberal trend. The elite lost interest in creating a nanny-state government. War seemed less and less as a solution to world dominance. Power balance started shifting towards transnational corporations and non-governmental institutions. The bureaucracy of governments around the world became more of an obstacle to the monopolistic nature of the elite's globalist ambitions.

When the elite managed to subvert soviet union officials, the US defense forces that were focused outside, turned inside, using KGB defectors to continue subversive operations. The project to deindustrialize and destroy the power of governments around the world have started. One example of this shift is NAFTA and US lobbying of the TPP agreement, which included ISDS allowing corporations to sue governments. Another example we can see in California where recent legislation prohibited work as a contractor, making workers dependent on the corporation through controlled worker unions.

In 2008 Pentagon launched a Minerva Initiative - social science/anthropology research on dissent: how to turn peaceful protesters into terrorists and how climate change can be used. The alienation, radicalization of reactionary marginalized minorities using Marxist-Leninist ideologies, and postmodern cultural Gramscism should help the elite overthrow the current order. The current order is "flawed" in the view of the elite as there is still a chance for political change.

By overthrowing the government this flaw should be cured. For them, all activists offline and online are considered as "supporters of political violence." Even the language is altered in certain ways through education and popular culture to confuse thinking clearly, to provoke emotions, feelings which would suppress reason. Nazis employed similar strategies. One such contemporary example is Greta Thunberg's emotional speeches on the environment.

Through popular movies of Hollywood, we can peer into the mind of propaganda and see the messages the elite tries to impose on the public. The historical analysis helps to see patterns in movie messages. Some of the best examples include dystopian movies like "The Cube," "Bladerunner," "Soylent Green," "Logan's Run," "Snowpiercer," "The Platform," "Mad Max." Another example is the dystopian novel "Stand on Zanzibar." These try to persuade that the amount of resources is limited and that humans can't live in conditions when there are enough resources for all. The goal of life is to fulfill desires, to become "ubermensch." One of the main messages is a negative nihilist idea that the world is inherently bad and alien to you and when you struggle and face life challenges, you should be ready to sacrifice your humility, dignity, morals, conscience, and instead follow your primal urges and become subhuman involved in self-destructive behavior. At this stage, even cannibalism is shown as something inevitable and the right thing to do for the cause of survival or sustainability.

The biggest lie of these movies is that there aren't enough resources for all. In reality, there is a lot for the existing population and the supply even increases over time with technological advancements. Instead, improper distribution and artificial shortages combined with the fundamental "lack" or "scarcity" mentality present in society contribute to competition instead of collaboration and increases imbalances. To convey these lies the elite also uses science, creating intentionally flawed experiments like "Universe 25" to convince that Utopia and high quality of life for everyone would be destructive to humanity. Nazi death camps were the continuation of similar ideas of seeing people as being nothing more than animal, mindless horde, useless commodity. Another purpose these dystopian movies serve is to make the public compare their life to the grim alternative so one would think his life is relatively good and would ignore societal issues needed to be addressed. Everyday news in countries like Russia serve the same purpose.

Nobel, Oscar, Sundance Festival, Eurovision awards all serve political agenda. Another set of messages present among popular movies focus on promoting revolution, fear of environmental catastrophe. Men are depicted as weak or violent, characters most likely to have personal trauma no morals, and no respect to the law. Women are presented as revolutionaries. The Christian religion and God, Stoic philosophy, capitalism, modern culture, traditional values, parents are criticized and in need to be violently overthrown by a marginalized group that feels oppressed.

Among those films are Maleficent, V-Vendetta, Lego Movie 2, Alita, some Marvel movies, Matrix, The Hunger Games, Planet of Apes. The 1927 German Metropolis movie was inspire by H.G.Wells and had similar narrative of class war, which was followed by the rise of Hitler. Black Panther serves as CIA recruitment propaganda for black people. Netflix movie "The Hate U Give" is another example of revolutionary propaganda specifically targeted to black youth. Many of these also promote the Gnostic ideology where the material world is inherently bad and that people need to transgress our bodies towards ultimate salvation. Some of the movies like "I am mother" promote additional ideas like new eugenics (transhumanism), gene manipulation, the birth of a new superior post-human race after a massive extinction.


The wave of the future is coming and there is no one fighting it.

- Anne Morrow Lindbergh

The conflict of powers behind Trump and Democrats is a conflict between the elite of protectionist industrial capital and the elite of ultra-globalist speculative finance/banking capital on who would gain control over markets. It is a conflict of corruption vs systemic corruption. But ultimately, for us, all this is just a tip of the iceberg of the real conflict: between humanity and authoritarian dystopia orchestrated by the elites from both sides.

The elite behind Trump argues for the preservation of governments, industrialization, moderate globalization. Some powers behind him might envision the creation of 5 global empires. The ultra-globalist elite behind Democrats already direct most of the countries around the world, want to deconstruct governments altogether, remove all the barriers for business, free flow of capital.

The elite see nations like Indians to be their servant thanks to their culture accustomed to the caste system, while nations like Muslims or Slavic are archaic, tribal, illiberal, and uncontrollable for them, therefore, should be reduced to minimum. They argue for top-down distribution of resources, total control of money and bank accounts, end of cash. History and culture indoctrination, massive propaganda should help to control the narrative.

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a socialist.
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a trade unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Martin Niemöller

They envision the world where a few monopolist transnational corporations dominate the world. According to their ideology, a few roles of governance like resource distribution, labor outsourcing, and trade would be left to be directed by organizations similar to WHO, UN, IMF, World Bank. In their view we need to deindustrialize, degrow, stagnate innovation, reduce the quality of life, there should be no middle class.

Before companies completely take over, there would be around 3-5 economic unions (European Union was a prototype for this structure) transforming into 100 cities for the rich with some kind of caste system implemented. One possible vision was described in the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow (EPCOT) project by Walt Disney - an idea of a city totally owned by one corporation.

At first voluntary, but then mandatory submission to more devices that monitor and learn your behavior would be slowly introduced. Travel restrictions would increase, issuance of health passports as an app to trace people and who they keep contact with is already implementing. Later, the price of flight tickets would increase significantly due to a new 50% emissions tax.

Mandatory education would indoctrinate children with false values, demoralize, further degrade their critical thinking. We can see some of this already implemented in the "Common Core" education program and left-biased academia. Canadian and US public education systems were initially funded by various Rockefeller and Rothschild foundations. At the turn of the previous century Rockefeller stated that he didn't want a society of thinkers, he wanted a society of workers. The cost of education and student loans were created to keep potential freethinkers enslaved to their debt. This system continues today.

In 2016 on World Economic Forum was presented a blockchain "Known Traveler Digital Identity" which would also collect travel history, biometrics, government credentials, purchase logs, and keep "pre-crime" predictive risk assessment. Each transaction would be permanently recorded and inspected on demand. Without such ID or with inappropriate assessment, you would be prohibited not only from travel but also from going to work and visit places of common use. China with its scoring system is a perfect example of the aims of the globalist project. Prisons also would be abolished. If you would decide to get out of the system or behave inappropriately to the company you belong, you would be switched off economically so you would starve off. People would fell guilty based on indictments by predictive policing algorithms.

Before this system to be fully enacted, they would need to put everyone on rent and get ownership over all the property. To do that they would buy all property cheap after a new burst of the housing bubble. Then they would increase taxes, so the price of buying a property would be impossibly high. Continuous high inflation, new green taxes on for the cause of care about the "environment" would keep society enslaved, but the implementation of universal basic income would prevent revolt against the system. Those who revolt would be switched off to die in starvation.

Officially for the cause of "sustainability," all food should be degraded in quality and be lab modified substitute, like the one made of insects to decrease health so you would be dependent on healthcare. Total surveillance and information control would ensure conformity to the system is formed. Some kind of new religion like the New Age and Lucis Trust ideology would be established to unite all under one belief system. When enough people die off because of starvation, bioterrorism, and geoengineered natural disasters, they would start to genetically modify themselves with immortality. Genes of any nonconformity and instincts would be removed in the following generations, maximum age would be reduced to ~30, humanity would be fused with technology. Society would substitute their real-life with presence and goods in the virtual world, while goods of the real world would be accessible a few. Most interactions, inventions would be made in the virtual world.

In the near future, we should expect disasters like tsunami and engineered "Cascadia" global earthquake, which would contribute to the total destruction of world economic systems, mass migration towards big cities, small and medium companies to going bankrupt. Mass volcanic eruptions and chemical sky spraying would cause sun blackout, hiding the sun, and creating artificial food shortages to speed up depopulation and the transition to a new system of food rationing through food stamps. The aim of depopulation is a reduction to around 0.5-2 billion people at max. It sounds counter-intuitive, but natural disasters are actually profitable to corporations and even for insurance agencies. It creates incentives to artificially create them.

At some point during the economic collapse people would be forced to buy government bonds. Some kind of health passports would be combined with AI to control where people can travel and move. Mandatory vaccines and food-engineering would decrease fertility. There is a high possibility of a "politically-motivated" deepfake or a cyber attack that would introduce more censorship on the internet. An artificial electric grid shutdown would be a probable explanation to facilitate attacks on remaining uncontrolled by the western countries.

Massive cyber-attacks on banking institutions would force people to shift towards a new digital system where the government or companies can easily track your money and confiscate them if they decide so. A new monetary system based on a basket of world currencies and digital XRP technology would be a foundation for a new world currency. Ripple who created XRP is funded by Warren Buffet and has partnered with banks all over the world. There is also a possibility later to shift towards some corporate-issued currencies supported by human approval or personally-issued currency like Bancor supported by the reputation rating of the individual. A favorable to the government behavior would be incentivized through financial rewards.

Constant surveillance to monitor behavior using smart dust, AI, digital surveillance accompanied by high-speed space 5G-6G internet would ensure loyalty and would help corporations learn more about behavior so manipulation can be improved. Amazon already learns all behavior of the personnel so robots in the future can substitute them. Rapidly most of the jobs would become autonomous.

Major corporations should be already perceived not as a company but as a new form of government where they create an ecosystem and your subscription to them is a loyalty tax. These megalomaniac monopolies like Amazon, Google, Uber, Monsanto force everyone out of the market. When crises occur, they get bailed out while competitors go bankrupt. One example of how they conquer markets is how Monsanto engineered crops in the way that they deliver high yield but are disposable so farmers have to keep constantly buy seeds from Monsanto.

Amazon is, in essence, one of the new true prototypes of the new government. It leverages his power to get people out of business in countries of Europe and India, but legislation is not well suitable to counteract their influence. To see the future, we can look no further but to Africa, which has the richest natural resources, but it is the poorest continent. It is because foreign governments and companies are literally looting the country.

Africa is feeding western interests with $200+billions leaving the country each year. Despite the end of colonialism and decades of ‘aid’, the exploitation of the African continent through tax dodging, transnational corporations taking out their profits (on which they have often paid little tax), and the costs imposed by climate change (which Africa didn’t cause), continues unabated.

To shift the world towards a global governance system a series of strategies were proposed in the secret Iron Mountain report. Among those were not only creating Global Warming scare, but a possible scenario of a fake alien invasion, probably similar to later discovered Operation Blue Beam. It might use the technology that produced floating cities in clouds in China and would introduce an alien to be a false prophet of a new religion. He would likely be televised and exercise some kind of telepathic mind control techniques. Many people would suicide during that time. The government may start a fake cosmic war with an alien invasion.

The goal of all this is to establish new global governance institutions and more funds given to space arms and space exploration technologies. The purpose of space exploration is to get resources from the moon and create a utopia in space like the one presented by Jeff Bezos. Among those valuable resources on the moon are water and the rare fuel for new thermonuclear fusion plants. It was planned to launch after the planned revolution 70s. The revolution didn't happen as the death of USSR prolonged US economy through expansion to new markets and looting. Because energy is unlimited and almost free, the elite delayed the launch until countries shift to a new resource distribution system to preserve the status quo and their wealth.

As George Soros explains, there were two main sources of spending driving growth for the economy - war and enormous consumerism. As these two now became unsustainable, a new type of economy had to be established that would produce enough money supply for the economy and corporations. An idea of an almost emergency-like demand of alarmists advocating for a rapid switch to Green Energy started to be planted in people's minds.

“In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome.The real enemy then, is humanity itself.”
― Club of Rome Report

Previously they exploited fears of the public multiple times to direct the opinion: fear of nuclear holocaust, acid rains, Global Cooling/Warming, Ice Age, growth of the Ozone hole, Terrorism, Peak Oil, etc. They even rebranded "Global Warming" as "Climate change" so it would sound ridiculous to challenge the idea. The gigantic cost of the shift to renewable energy should serve as an explanation for unprecedented taxes, big enough to keep people enslaved. The economy would also shift from manufacturing-based towards non-material goods like education, Virtual Reality, culture.

Data is the new oil. Corporations already gather enormous amounts of data about us so they can predict and control our thoughts and beliefs. Wikileaks leaked a presentation of a 2013 document from the Russian government that shows exactly these plans. Governments are implementing thought control and than selling data to other corporations. Thought censorship would be made by introducing "shame society" culture, loyalty to the company culture like in Japan through the idea of "sararīman."

More culture would be substituted from top-down and would be indoctrinated through education so people would keep buying stuff and would think about everything but the economy or politics. The ultimate goal of all these measures is to get full ownership of the individual. Through culture and education, they can get under control the last barrier - an individual's own identity and the body.

Using the "Overton Window" strategy of slowly introducing into the mass culture suicide, pedophilia, and child-free lifestyle would become a norm and then even celebrated. Recently there was a scandal around Netflix show "Cuties" sexualizing young girls. The show received the award from Sundance Festival, who's co-founder was charged with molesting girl multiple times, when she was 7-9 years old. There is also a growing child-hate trend of seeing birth as something undesirable, tribal and children as parasites.

An image of strong career women like "kyariaūman," radical feminism, and weak asexual famine-like infantile men similar to "Sōshoku(-kei) danshi" or "herbivore men" culture would help destroy the idea of marriage, traditional families and would decrease the population even more. Children would be taken at birth to childcare facilities that would raise children for the system. Than traditional birth would be perceived as something archaic and embryos would be lab-grown.

We should not forget about another major threat of possible third world war and nuclear holocaust, as the conflicts between the western world and countries like China, Turkey, Russia, and Iran still not under control and the West already engages with them already in the Cold war. Wars were often used when a new system should be established as it happened after WWII with the world switching to the dollar.

A series of recent events went unnoticed, but they confirm the plan I described above.

There are 5 governors of New York, Michigan, California, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania who are responsible for at least half of the deaths in the US as they mandated to move the infected patients to nursing homes. Then after riots occurred, many wealthy individuals flew away from areas like New York and California to evade rising taxes. Before the virus outbreak, there was a massive exodus of the CEO. Most of the top positions of Silicon Valley companies are already taken by Indians. Those who didn't agree to leave were taken out during the financial crash through a combined massive attack of credit rating agencies.

Singapore started testing surveillance drones on the streets. Drones were used for surveillance and many cases of abuse of intrusive technology have occurred and kept increasing. The Broadband DATA Act will ensure that rural and tribal communities are connected to the internet too. Earn It Act introduces more control over the internet. By the end of April 2020, congress introduced 32 crypto and blockchain bills. Coins and cash are rarely accepted. Banks around the world their gold reserves. Investors turn to physical gold, silver, and cryptocurrencies.

Israel's new partnerships with other Arab countries might be a precursor for the new middle east version of the European Union. The UN warns that "world faces the worst food crisis for at least 50 years." California recently experienced the worst power shortage in two decades. A series of recent UFO incidents were confirmed by the Pentagon. The US initiated withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty and started exiting the Open Skies Treaty, a pact designed to reduce the risk of space militarization. In 2016 the US was among only 3 countries who voted against the UN resolution condemning the glorification of Nazism.

States across the US are almost bankrupt so they would pass any law the government demands to get aid. UN warns of global food shortage. A leaked FEMA document shows a timeline for this. Thousands of businesses never got a disaster relief package, millions of people didn't receive stimulus checks. HEROES Act provided greater than minimum wage bonuses that would discourage people from seeking work till the end of January 2021, when a potential Joe Biden presidency would begin. This combined with the prevention of state reopening would guarantee stagnation of economic recovery till November and rapid growth after the elections. The recent epidemic was just the last resort of the globalists when Trump, as we see in Bolton's book, hesitated to enter full-fledged armed conflict with Iran which could cause the third world war.

The US is on the brink of revolution, similar to the revolutions like the Arab spring. It might be done not to overthrow the government, but to enact Marshall Law or unprecedented changes in government structure, expanding its power. We can see the early results of Australia when police intrude on people's freedoms and rights. The recent destruction of property during riots is analogous to the Kristallnacht in Nazi Germany when Jewish stores were broken and looted. Google even started to mark stores that are "Black-owned." "Blackout Day" encouraged to spend money at only Black-owned businesses and boycott other, similar to what Nazi did during pogroms. Colleges are creating separate housing, graduations, safe spaces and even gym for black students and other minorities. Destruction of statues serves as a symbolic analog to book burning. Leaders of the movement even describe themselves as trained Marxists, while money donated on BLM website went to the Democratic party. Even the Greta phenomenon has been used in 1992. The "Defund Police" movement goal is solely to weaken police so revolution may occur with greater success. This happened many times all over the world with the exact same strategy. Analogous to how Nazi appropriated Christian rituals for their ideology, there were ritual leg washing, baptizing, taking a knee, "revival with miracles" in Minneapolis, while the memorial area was proclaimed "sacred" and "holy ground".




Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny

— C.S. Lewis

To prevent this inevitable dystopia I propose to start working together with focus on 7 key missions

1. Social Organization

Since today's government system keeps moving deeper and deeper towards an inverted totalitarian surveillance corporatocracy, no change can be made through existing corrupt, bureaucratic quasi-governmental institutions. Though if we step back, we may realize that we don't need a government per se, but a working social fabric with the proper societal organization. Ideas, structures should serve the needs of our society including the economy and education, not the other way around.

Thomas Paine in his "Common Sense" - one of the most influential writings that advocated for American resistance against British rule, wrote, "Society is produced by our wants, and government by wickedness; the former promotes our happiness positively by uniting our affections, the latter negatively by restraining our vices." Therefore, a parallel system of an organization should be developed from the bottom-up based on our needs to serve our society. It should provide an opportunity for good people out there to switch from the old corrupt enslaving government system and from our dystopian future towards a new, possibly better alternative. It will pave the way to a new Renaissance, not to the new Dark Age.

I suggest a transparent decentralized/distributed polycentric holacracy-like governance with chapters all around the world and blockchain social contracts. Benjamin Bratton proposed the metamodern concept of "The Stack." These chapters should be autonomous but also integrated with others. By creating parallel government people would have the opportunity to switch from the old model easily. There are projects like Freeland, open.coop, p2pmodels and interesting research from Ostrom Workshop who have been working on these ideas.

The governance system I propose is to have everyone vote on people they personally know so they consider them as reliable and wise. These votes accumulate and transfer further through a network of personal connections so the wisest people ultimately emerge from a bottom-up approach. Then they become in charge of making the most important decisions collectively while the most power is delegated downstream to decentralize and localize power. Before becoming the governor, people should pass tests to examine their humility, wisdom, high consciousness.

All power should be accountable and any incentive for authoritarian control should be deprived. Lack of accountability, high testosterone are among the factors that contribute to the corruption of the individual. Even a slight amount of power concentrated in one's hands alter one's cognition and perception, it rewrites and even damages the brain.

About half of the young generation already considers it as global citizens. As society keeps moving towards greater interconnectedness, borders would become obsolete. Among alternative organization models, ideas like derived from Cybernetics, "Viable System Model," "Designed Liberty" by Stafford Beer might be beneficial. As a decision-making process of the government, I propose a system implemented at Bridgewater Associates where AI helps to make a collective decision by assigning a voting power based on everyone's experience in the topic discussed.

2. Economy For People

Decentralized encrypted economy based on interest-free banking and monetary system. There are alternatives to the current misleading duopoly of choice between "capitalism vs socialism." However, they almost never truly existed in the real world. Both ideologies based on radical individualism or radical collectivism are flawed. Only by using an integral approach, a healthy balance between nature and the needs of humanity, behavioral economics, Praxeology, we may create an organically functioning system.

The notion of "trade" in the economy is damaging itself, as it perpetuates the scarcity mentality. Stanley Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut" is a great satire on the notion of trade. The goal state of the transformation of the economy should be voluntary sharing and giving. Maximization of humanity's potential through love, creativity, and wisdom instead of searching for maximum profit should be at the core of the new economy.

Doughnut economy, Buddhist economy, Cybernetic economy, alternative money-free economies like Sacred Economics, Gift economy, or resource-based economy of the Venus project are among potential candidates. Policies of Georgism, Elinor Ostrom, Meidner Plan, and "Theory of Innovative Enterprise" should be considered.

Taxes if kept, should be imposed on luxury spending, not on personal income. Similarly, we should embrace both deflations of currency and negative interest rates, It would reverse wealth distribution. Banks would need to benefit through profit-sharing agreements. Inflation and income taxes are theft. Federal reserve demonizes deflation and fights it.

Another idea is to have universal basic income based on multiple parameters: how developed and prosperous is the street you live in, the city, the country. Everything would be interconnected so if one city is more advanced, to increase their income they would need to help neighboring cities. It would create an incentive for people to collaborate towards multiple parameters of the common good and would free people from debt so a more creative, spiritually, and scientifically advanced, more developed world would be created. Even without a collective change in political systems, a switch to an alternative form of economical partnership among multiple political entities may be established, Zollverein of 1834 might serve an example.

3. Unleashing True Potential

Any economy or governance system would fall without proper education to support it with people of integrity and conscience. People unite almost only on two occasions: if they face a great common threat or by means of education they understand the value of collaboration as beneficial compared to the competition. Such an education system should be available for all as it contributes to the betterment of all. It is the ultimate key to solve most of the world problems in their embryo. Education should be designed with the purpose to maximize and unleash human potential, help the person better understand himself and the world around.

The whole world would become an ecosystem for the natural evolution towards higher consciousness, deep human connections, development of collaborative "abundance mindset," radical humility, brave spirit, virtue, character, conscience, compassion, willingness to always seek wisdom, true knowledge through personal experience and practice of self-inquiry (like Vedic pedagogy). People would voluntarily subscribe to such education as it would be not only challenging and engaging but also extremely enjoyable by helping achieve a "flow" state of consciousness when not only the learning increases to 300-400%, but it also produces as many natural happiness chemicals as no other state can generate. Flow is our natural way of living which we forgot. When we are in tune with both our true self, our nature, and the universe, our biology rewards us. When we go further away from our nature, we start to feel suffering and inner struggle.

Learning through play, stories and interactions was our original and very effective way of learning through all ancient history and beyond. Using new technologies, we can get pedagogy to a truly unprecedented level by developing personalized stories carefully and dynamically tailored for each individual character, where it would combine Real-world play with interactions in Virtual World. Each student becomes both authors of his own story and a conscious player. By living through history in the virtual world he can learn ethics and valuable life lessons. It can be done by introducing Fail Smart incidents of micro-suffering similar to an idea of a vaccine or levels of difficulty in games, so children can learn and grow naturally without having a strong traumatic childhood experience but would be both accepting and prepared to bravely deal with world reality.

Every family, especially children should be for free offered to have a psychologist to monitor the child to help him succeed, supporting healthy development. Education would become life long and self-directed, leading to initiation into wisdom through a personal hero's journey. The latest technology advancements would help to understand the needs and interests of the child and propose education trajectories with content right in time when it's needed. It would also help by developing an experience profile for transparency between employees and employers. A CV would become redundant. A student would mark his progress himself based on multiple scales so he can monitor and have full control over the direction of his education. Additionally, a network of mentors and teachers would constantly interact with children, learn and improve themselves, materials based on the latest science. Psychologists would identify potential psychopathy in infancy and would introduce measures to counteract the development of these negative traits.

4. Shared Memory

We should realize that many world religions are mostly based on a mix of ancient wisdom combined with astrology, shamanism, paganism, and perverted interpretation of the Sumerian/Protoindoarian history of alien contact who engineered humanity to have higher consciousness, advanced speech, while also programmed cancer and aging into our DNA. With a limit on the maximum lifespan of around 120 years, it was supposed to help to control the population. If we take it into account, this solves many inconsistencies, there would be no need for the continuation of religious wars that corrupted our civilization. Many times people in power modified history to alter people's beliefs for their own benefit.

For example, Christianity was initially the teaching of Essenes shared with non-jews but was later hijacked by Apostol Paul to make it mainstream as he used salvation to give permission to sin and removed the need for circumcision. Then the Roman Empire during the First Council of Nicaea hijacked Christianity again. Through engaging in multiple dirty manipulations the monopoly of the Catholic Church was proclaimed. Catholicism was favorable to the Roman ruler version of Christianity mixed with authoritarian religions of Mitra and Apollo worshiping. Gnostic teaching, who were opposing mainstream Christianity, and were popular among the elites, also misinterpreted original scriptures claiming that God (Demiurge) is ultimately bad, confusing it with a Sumerian description of aliens. Instead of arguing about religions, we need to bring all the mystic wisdom to serve to the betterment of humanity. Similarly, science should not be a self-censoring dogma and instead incorporate ancient wisdom to unleash human potential.

5. Crowdsourcing Culture

Today we are in a cultural war and our culture should not be dictated by some government or corporation to move us into a nihilistic era of dark ages, grotesque, decadence, and despair, losing everything good in ourselves, everything that makes us humane. The elite sees us as a threat, a mob getting out of control, nothing but a disposable commodity. They try to imprint our collective consciousness with negative prospects of the future to make it manifest in real life. These ideas are passed through mass culture, the value of life is almost non-existent.

To counter this, I suggest a different virtuous philosophy where we create and develop our culture ourselves with intentional effort and conscious understanding of how it would impact the consumer of this culture and ourselves. Art in this culture should not be perceived as an art product by itself but as a powerful tool in the hands of the artist.

If we consider the viewer, consumer of the culture to be "tabula rasa," someone behind the Rawl's "Veil of ignorance" then the artist has an ethical responsibility to create such art that would positively impact the man he doesn't know. Artists may try to amplify everything good in the viewer, invoke his feelings of love, compassion, infinite potential, positive view of the future, dreams, and ambitions. It is as if the soul and the heart of the viewer were the blank canvas with unlimited potential and the artist helps to fill it with sincere goodness, bright and colorful self-affirming worldview. The philosophy of "Metamodern stoicism" may serve as the foundation for this new culture.

6. Making It Possible

To legitimize the government we create, one way is to get enough people to buy citizenship of the St.Kitts and Nevis so we can overthrow the government and create new rules. We need fewer than 20000 citizens (citizenship costs around $200k per family) to do this. Passport gives visa-free entry to more than 160 countries. We can also try to negotiate what we want to accomplish with some governments like Seasteading Institute did to French Polynesia.

Another way is to overthrow the government and to get legitimized is to get enough people who live in countries of the "Commonwealth Union" (there are 40+ countries) to vote for government change in Belize. This would also give access to International waters, where we can create a new sovereign floating country, free from international laws, where scientists from all of the world could live with their families to work without constraints and corporate interest for the betterment of all humanity.

Such ideas are possible, Burning man gathers more than 80 thousands of people from around the world to create a utopian city for a week. There are functioning projects like Auroville, Christian Ecovillage. There is even an official country without territory like the Order of Malta, nevertheless it is still accepted by international law. We may use similar jurisdiction to legitimize ourselves.

7. Integral Language

Creation of a new language that would help resolve many conflicts. It can be taught as a second language and would be intentionally created to advance human cognition, improve communication, increase self-awareness, and also reduce ego-inflating or biased words, produce words that have wisdom inside. It is a complete opposite of the Newspeak from 1984 or LTI of Nazi Germany. This new language may be both phonetically beautiful and poetic. It can be AI-friendly so the machine would have fewer problems to understand it and would give more people access to programming by making it possible to use natural language commands.

“If you think we can't change the world, it just means you're not one of those who will.”

— Jacque Fresco

7 steps you can do Right Now

1. Build The Network

By sharing this message only with people you care about and you are sure you can trust, let's establish a new community, Braveheart Network - a network of local chapters of trust and mutual support. People in our network would help each other so we can create a safety net and it will help advance our goals together much faster. We should identify experts in relevant fields and bring them together.

2. Safeguard Financials

We need to defund all the scam organizations and corporations involved in this and move money away to create a better future. Get your money out of the corrupt system. To do this we should switch to economic agorism and use transactions hidden from governmental control as often as possible. Protect yourself from the bank and economy collapse, buy some physical silver/gold, some international stocks, some cryptocurrency (not bitcoin, ethereum, xrp - they are not privacy-friendly and are created/controlled by those in power). There are some decentralized cryptocurrencies based on MimbleWimble protocol, like Epic Cash (epictech.com), that seem much more private. Another possible alternative might be projects like Veracash and stablecoins backed with physical metals.

Check SovereignMan, Nomad Capitalist, TrendsReport there are many tips to protect yourself. Check What Happens Next document. Prepare for possible food/water and electricity shortages. For financial advice check George Gammon and Real Vision Finance channels on Youtube.

3. Deplatform Yourself

Remove yourself from social media and use alternative decentralized encrypted platforms so corporations would not have control over your data. Instead, we should corrupt all the data and fake our identities as much as possible. Learn privacy strategies and tools.

4. Raise Awareness

According to science for the revolution to happen, only around 3.5% of the population is enough. I propose to use strategies of civil disobedience, nonviolent protests, and actions online to bring the problem into the public consciousness. Creative protest ideas are strongly encouraged. As a protest, I propose groups of people who chain themselves together, maybe tie with ropes, so police can't take one out of the crowd. It would also prevent any possible looting since everyone is tied together.

5. Revolt Online

The government always tries to subvert any movement and hijack those who challenge their power. They did it with many movements, they buy or kill leaders, they use the media to ridicule the message or to transform it into a commodity similar to what happened to the photo of Che-Guevara on T-Shirts. Guy Debord, the author of the Situationist movement, called this strategy "Recuperation." This happened many times before. For example, when corporations use LGBTQ themes to increase sales and to present themselves as if they care about the cause. This happens with many movements like Occupy and often is created in advance for their goals of advancing certain agenda under the name of a good cause: Extinction Rebellion, BLM, Antifa, Anonymous. This phenomenon is also called "Controlled Opposition" and involves many popular individuals and some whistleblowers.

For the government, anything that causes a threat to the status quo should be recuperated. Works of the situationist movement propose a strategy of "detournement" - turning slogans and logos of advertisers and of political agents against themselves. Social engineering, pranks, intentionally feeding the mainstream media with false narratives and then calling them out, culture jamming, hacktivism, campaigns like "Nobody For President" would be relevant for creating such type of protest that is so ridiculous and absurd by itself so even the media can't spin it. For example, instead of creating movement about what we stand for, we can protest as if we are for everything the elite wants us to become so we can expose them and if they critique us they would critique their own plan. We need to take those claims to the extreme, something like "Save the planet - kill yourself" or "Free Usury for all" and it would help gain hype.

I encourage to restrain from using a specific name for the movement as it gives the media the opportunity to smear the campaign. Instead, maybe a word that they can't pronounce or some that links to certain information they want to hide. Another way is to use some words that when pronounced ridicule the pronounced, like "welietoyou" so then it can be used as counterpropaganda. Similarly, any use of symbology should be limited to the QR code of the movement to prevent "recuperation" by the media.

Other online actions might involve the use of deepfakes with government officials explaining their true agenda or on the contrary, telling what we want but they would never decide to do. Deep-fakes can make our message more viral. Yes Man did pranks like this for years impersonating officials at conferences, news and shooting documentaries. Now they also created a Yes Lab to share their strategies.

To resist censorship I suggest using IPFS technology combined with QR-codes instead of links. Recently the art gallery opened in Belarus with QR-codes instead of paintings. We can use similar idea by uploading videos to popular internet platforms with qr codes with short URL in the description/name of the video linking to it's permanent storage link. You can upload them to ipfstube.erindachtler.me. When you deplatform yourself from social media, you can use QR codes instead of your avatar to inform people where to find you. To host a static website upload it to ipfs.casa. If you would need to update the website use services like rebrandly.com to just change the link.

6. History & Antipropaganda

Dig deeper and learn real history. Crowdsource evidence so we can create a documentary and can share it with the world. Another idea is creating a "Wall of shame" website where we can organize all the corruption related to the powerful elite and track their movements - a counter-surveillance. But we must remember that they are also just people who weren't educated properly and we shouldn't blame them as the enemy. We should be wiser than them. Additionally, I propose a list of all brain-washing\propaganda techniques and all non-violent ways of protest, studying the history of protest. A separate documentary about brain-washing techniques would be beneficial to help people resist it. Learn some of these techniques here. There is also a game.

7. Contribute

Reach out to find financial support for the initiatives you like or for local chapters. Creating a sort of crowdfunding platform might help which would be focused on initiatives and solutions where people may either donate or join the working group to contribute their work to the cause they find important. There might be an additional fund for investigative journalism and rewards for whistle-blowers, revelations of corruption.

“The individual's life is of importance to none besides himself: the point is whether he wishes to escape from history or give his life for it.
History recks nothing of human logic.”

— Oswald Spengler

To start developing these projects I suggest organizing and creating groups tailored for each goal so we can discuss details in the secure chat and plan the future steps.

Here is the QR code to share the article and in the middle is the link to join the chat. It operates using both on the web, desktop, or app. (Uses element.io)

Additionally here is the link to join the place for information organization and cooperation.

(Uses nuclino.com)

Now You are the final frontier of resistance against the coming catastrophe of humanity. It is the greatest challenge and something worth fighting for. No other problem in the world can be solved if we don't prevent this from happening.

Tools, alternative media sources you may use. (please do your own research)

Here are some tools, alternative media sources you may use, and please do your own research:

The Liberty Advisor
World Alternative Media

Video sources I used (not organized)

opensecrets.org - find who funds presidential candidates
viewdns.info - website to trace other websites on the same server, helps to identify related companies/organizations.
fintel.io - follow the money of foundations, philanthropies, and hedge funds
subdomainfinder.c99.nl - subdomain list
Archive.org - alternative search (Documents, video evidence)
Waybackmachine - save present website state or look up old version

Ideologically close
Companies / Projects / Individuals / Ideas / Supporters

Hideo Kojima
Amblin Television/Spielberg
Illumination Studio
Protopia Labs / FutureFoundation
Integral life / Ken Wilber
Strelka Institute
Existentialhope / Foresight Institute
Abundance 360 / Singularity University
Regenerative futures
Seasteading Institute
THINK School
Future Thinkers
Rebel Wisdom
Long Now Foundation
Heartland Institute
The Zeitgeist movement
Occupy Peace
Pirate Party
Tamera Healing Biotope/Love School
Money by Eden
Civil Society Futures/openDemocracy

Censorship alternatives and cyber resistance


Additional projects to check
Freedom Box, a system for personal publishing
SearX - anonymous search
Diaspora https://diasporafoundation.org, a federated social network
Blockstack, a distributed system for online identity services
IPFS (Interplanetary File System), a distributed storage service with a proposed mechanism to incentivize resource sharing
Solid (Social Linked Data), a linked-data protocol that could act as a back-end for data sharing between social media networks
Appcoins, a digital currency framework that enables users to financially participate in the ownership of platforms and protocols
Steemit, an online community that uses an appcoin to incentivize development and community participation in a social network
Mastodon: https://joinmastodon.org/ a federated Twitter-like service
GNUsocial: https://gnusocial.network/
One-Time Secret: https://onetimesecret.com/
YaCy: https://yacy.net/
Cryptee: https://crypt.ee/
PeerTube: https://joinpeertube.org
Beaker Browser
ZeroNet Mobile
firefox private vpn
the phemi
scorum media
akasha social
piction network
eos wechat
ns tip bot
moonlight recruitment
karmazinc hiring
unlimited domains, ethereum name service .link
nem dns
nas.me baam!
conquer study
boid eos
bootcamp os
incognito core development team
nns neo nameserie
bodhi events
mumble chat
tata social


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