URGENT - VTB Capital is looking for Country and Sovereign Risk Analyst

The role envisages dual responsibilities.
As part of the Global Country Risk team, the successful applicant will assume responsibilities for country risk management of VTB Capital and VTB Group.

The role requires close team work with Credit Risk Management colleagues based in international offices of the firm, business representatives, and risk colleagues in VTB Bank.

Major responsibilities include:
- undertaking risk research/analysis of sovereign governments and countries;
- undertaking risk research/analysis of regional governments and municipals;
- issuing risk recommendations in terms of products, tenors, industry segments for doing business in a specific country;
- undertaking regional analysis, preparing risk recommendations for the firm`s engagement in specific regions;
- ongoing monitoring of country risks, including political and macroeconomic developments
- ensuring regular VTB Group-wide rating process for sovereigns (i.e. scheduled and ad-hoc re-rating of countries, reviewing the underlying data for the internal sovereign ratings, making decisions for expert adjustments of ratings if needed);
- ensuring regular rating process for regional governments, and municipalities;
- maintaining internal sovereign ratings database up-to-date;
- substantiating risk views and recommendations on specific countries, sovereign governments, municipalities to various forums if required;
- administrative work stream relating to country risk management (populating and updating static data in risk system, including limits, ratings, transaction tenors; daily control of limits utilization; preparing documents to be reviewed by various decision making forums);
- participating in sovereign / country model review & validation, primarily in advisory role;
- scheduled review of performing/non-performing sovereign, municipal loans, and loans to regional governments, inc. specific/collective provisions validation, interaction with external/internal auditors etc etc;
- working closely with the Front Office, providing guidance and recommendations with regard to countries` creditworthiness, deal structuring, risk limits, and available risk mitigation factors;
- coordinating country risk management process of the firm with that of VTB Group;
- contributing to improving internal Country Risk Framework of the firm if required;

Key Competencies & Qualifications
The applicant is required to:

- have profound knowledge of macroeconomic analysis for sovereign and regional governments;
- possess strong analytical skills, be able to produce extensive analytical overviews, work with database;

- be ready to work under tough deadlines, and in a very dynamic environment;

- be fluent in English, both written and spoken;
- have an easy-learning, open-mind personality.

Please send your CV to vtbvacancies@gmail.com