November 1, 2020

Senior Assosiate, Advisory at FinAcco

FinAcco Consulting is an accounting consulting firm based in Los Angeles, USA. It specializes in dealing technical accounting matters including revenue recognition, stock compensation, lease accounting, to name just a few. The company also provides accounting transaction, audit support and assists it's clients in compliance with Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) Act. One of FinAcco’s key service is helping its clients develop accounting positions in form of accounting memos. Clients are both public and private companies. Please check out for more information.

Senior Associate, Advisory will be an integral part of FinAcco’s consulting team involved with review of relevant client documentation (e.g. sales contract, lease agreements, business acquisition agreements) and helping develop and communicate appropriate accounting treatment.

Requirements include:

- Good knowledge of US GAAP reporting requirements including such areas as revenue recognition, lease accounting, stock compensation, debt and equity transactions, etc (experience in use of IFRS may help);
- Good critical thinking including the ability to understand and critically analyze relevant fact pattern, summarize and navigate through diverse evidence to develop appropriate accounting position;
- Good time management skills, i.e. ability to execute agreed on tasks on time;
- Good work commitment;

Form of Employment:

If agreed to work together, the company would like to work with you as FinAcco’s employee, in which case you will be responsible to pay certain U.S. income taxes. It is possible to work with you as FinAcco’s independent contractor (not an employee) for a short period of time, as well.

Depends on the experience, up to $ 65/hour or $ 100,000 a year to experienced candidates.

The position reports to Nick Larchenko, FinAcco’s Managing Partner.

Feel free to reach out to with any questions.

To apply please visit