March 17, 2021

The CRAAP Method - Help your Educational Research

The CRAAP Test is a test to check the reliability of sources across academic disciplines.

CRAAP is an acronym for Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, and Purpose.

Due to the vast number of sources existing online, it can be difficult to tell whether these sources are trustworthy to use as tools for research.

What is CRAAP Test?

Currency: The Timeliness of the Information

Key Question: When was the item of information written or produced?

Taking into record every perspective of The CRAAP Acronym will help you to choose the most secure and applicable sources which will increase your credibility as a writer.

Concluding when an item of information was published or produced is an aspect of assessing information. The date information was published or designed tells you how current it is or how contemporaneous it is with the topic you are investigating.

1. There are two aspects to the issue of currency. Is the information the most current version?

2. Is the knowledge the original research, description, or account?

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Relevance: The importance of the information for your demands

Key Question: How does this source contribute to my research paper?

The discussion of propriety above is the same thing as importance. When you read through your source, consider how the cause will help your evidence and how you can appropriate the source in your paper.

Information sources with a very small focus or a distinct bias mean that you need to find additional sources to obtain the information on other aspects of your topic. Some questions to consider are:

1. Does the information compare to my topic or answer my question?

2. Who is the intended audience?

3. Is the information at an appropriate level for my needs?

4. Did I glance at a type of source before choosing to use this one?

5. Would I be performed using this source for my college research paper?

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Authority: The origin of the information

Key Question: Is the person, organization, or organization liable for the objective content of the information expert in that subject?

Defining the knowledge and expertise of the author of information is an important aspect of evaluating the reliability of the information.

Anyone can make a declaration or a statement about something, event, or idea, but only someone who knows or appreciates what that thing, event, or idea is can make a logically strong statement or assertion about it. Some external evidence of experience of or expertise are:

1. A formal school degree in a topic area

2. Acknowledged or work-related experience–businessmen, state agency personnel, sports figures, etc. have expertise in their area of work.

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Accuracy: The reliability, truthfulness, and correctness of the information

Key Question: How loose from error is this bit of information?

Testing the accuracy, or comparable accuracy, of information is an important part of evaluating the reliability of the information.

It is more comfortable to establish the accuracy of facts than it is opinions, reviews, or ideas. An important feature of accuracy is the rational integrity of the item.

1. Are the sources properly mentioned in the text and listed in the references?

2. Are quotations cited correctly and in context? Out of context references can be misleading and sometimes completely erroneous.

In addition to errors of fact and honesty, you need to watch for errors of logic. Errors of reasoning occur primarily in the presentation of conclusions, opinions, interpretations, editorials, ideas, etc. Some indications that information is accurate are:

1. The same information can be observed in other reliable sources.

2. The experiment can be replicated and returns the same results.

3. The documentation presented in support of the information is substantive.

Some indications that information may not be accurate are:

1. Facts cannot be established or are contradicted in other sources

2. Sources used are known to be inaccurate or highly biased

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Purpose: The reason the information exists

Key Question: Who is this information is written for or this product developed for?

Identifying the expected attendance of the information or product is another aspect of evaluating information.

The intended audience of an item generally defines the way of presentation, the level of technical detail, and the depth of coverage.

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Final Words

It is generally accepted that the current information aspect places an increasing burden on the information consumer. While it is clear that each of CRAAP’s assessments has ongoing value, it has become vitally important to place information into a wider context to adequately evaluate its credibility, as well as teach how data is arranged and presented on search engines and social media.