The 7 best car games for iPhone and iPad

Its graphics leave us amazed, its mechanics absorb us and the sound of the engines ignites the spark of adrenaline. But it is the speed that really attracts us. We are talking about car racing games for iPhone and iPad. Games that allow us to overtake vertigo , take heart-stopping curves and perform all kinds of stunts in the air.

Today we are going to recommend a compilation with the 7 best car games for iPhone and iPad available in the iOS App Store. And best of all, most of them are completely free!

Car racing games for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9: Legends is the latest installment in the most popular car game saga on the App Store. This Gameloft game has absolutely spectacular graphics, simply unbeatable gameplay, very intuitive controls and well adapted to touch screens, and absorbing game mechanics with overtaking, jumping, stunts, incredible circuits and luxury cars.

Real Racing 3:

While Gameloft's Asphalt saga is the queen of fantasy and fiction in car games, the Real Racing saga is the queen of realism. We are facing a game very faithful to the physics and dynamics of competition. Of course, this is a slightly old game that takes years without updating. Still, it is still an excellent free-to-play game with numerous game modes, cars and challenges.

Need for Speed: No Limits

Need for Speed: No Limpits is a free racing game that offers very short but very intense races. For all those who are familiar with Need for Speed, you will already know that it is a street competition game with the use of nitro, infinite drifts and all kinds of modifications in the garage to customize and improve your car.

Horizon Chase - World Tour

If you like retro games, Horizon Chase will become your favorite iOS car game. This classic arcade is perfectly adapted to mobile platforms, has colorful 16-bit graphics that emulate the style of the gaming machines of the 90s and includes 21 different cars, 10 cups and 92 circuits. Without a doubt, one of our favorites. Be careful, it's a paid game. But you can try it for free.

Reckless Racing 3

The third installment of Reckless Racing provides us with 60 events, 9 seasons, 24 challenges and 28 different cars . It has three game modes, each one more fun, in which you will have to demonstrate your ability behind the wheel on ideal circuits to drift with magnificent graphics with aerial views


PAKO 2 plunges us into the world of crime, offering us an escape vehicle with which we will have to pick up a series of thieves who want to escape a robbery. A frantic car game in which we will have to flee from the police, collect power-ups and avoid obstacles.

Angry Birds Go!

Angry Birds Go! it is a more relaxed, happy and fun game. But don't be fooled by these adorable cartoon creatures ... this title still keeps all the excitement and adrenaline of any other car racing game.

Reckless Getaway

We couldn't finish the selection of car games without a worthy mention of Reckless Getaway. It is a fun car game in which we will control the vehicle of a thief who tries to escape from dozens and dozens of police cars throughout 16 levels with very well designed environments. Much attention to the physical, formidable. If you like destroying things, this is your game.

It is one of the first games we have played on an iPad, and it has been on the App Store for many years. In fact, the second installment of this title is already available. But ... 49 cents for such a wonderful game? Do not even doubt it!