September 4, 2019

EARN 10,000 ETH IN 365 DAYS.

It is not an investment

No need to wait

It is not a trading

No risk

This is not a sale

of "magical" goods

It is not an ICO

Scam is impossible

This is the verified and open source smart contract, where everyone can earn as much as he wants, whether it is a new iPhone or a new apartment. There is no need to return this money later.

Ethereum - the SECOND cryptocurrency in the world by popularity after Bitcoin and the FIRST by popularity with the ability of smart contract creation. Smart contract - it is an algorythm of cryptocurrency distribution, wich can not be edited or delated after upload to the Ethereum network.

The CRYPTOHANDS smart contract is uploaded into the Ethereum cryptocurrency network and even theoretically cannot be changed or deleted by anyone, including its creators. Therefore nobody and nothing can stop the work of the System even in case of site closure or administartion disappear. CRYPTOHANDS system does not belong to anyone and works independently of the site.

Accounts of every user keeps by the smart contarct and not by the site, that's why it can't be blocked or deleted even by the site admin. In your account (without password) on the CRYPTOHANDS site is displayed only the information about every account , taken from the Ethereum smart contract. Therefore, it is impossible to hack an account and change a member's wallet.

How it works

You will need the Ethereum Wallet and 0.05 ETH.

Transaction Fee: 0.002 Ether

How to create MetaMask wallet?

1. Go to the







2. Press "Get Extension", follow the further intuitive-understandable installation instructions of the plugin.

3. After installation, you will see the MetaMask logo in the browser to the right of the address bar. Click on it, and a pop-up window will appear.

NOTE: If after installation MetaMask interface appear you can continue in it without clicking on the MetaMask logo near the address bar of the browser.

4. If you see the choice to "Import your wallet or create a new wallet", choose "Create a new wallet".

5. You will see your Ethereum wallet address (wich begins with 0x, and next to it will be a button "copy ") - save it. It will be your account in the system.

6. Find the button "account details". In some versions of browsers and operating systems, it may be "hidden " in the additional menu.

7. In the account details will be the button "export private key ". Click on it, and after entering the password, your private key will appear on the screen. Save it and do not lose it.

Remind that the loss of a private key means the loss of control over the wallet forever. Restore it or change it to another is impossible even theoretically.

8. Once you've made sure that your private key is securely stored, from this moment you can use the wallet.

Registration in CRYPTOHANDS via MetaMask

1. Go to the CRYPTOHANDS

2. Push the button "Sign up".

3. If you came by referral link, then the registration page will be shown.

If you did NOT come by the referral link, you will be asked to enter the inviter id in the appropriate field (the inviter id coincides with the numbers at the end of the referral link) or the address of the inviter's wallet in the same field.

You need to enter the id or wallet of the inviter into this field and press the "done " button.

After that the page with registration will appear.

4. Click the big button "Sign up in 1 click ". In the pop-up window that appears, click "confirm ".

Registration complete. Now your account in the system.

After the succesful transaction You will be automatically redirected to the personal account.

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