December 23, 2019

Visionary’s talent: Personal vision

1. Vision — it's a human ability to see and generate ideas. Ideas that consisting quality/artistic creation or improving something. If someone has vision, that persona is smarter than the average, and he has original thinking with an extremely high level of awareness in his vision area.

2. Visionary — is the leader in artistic / entrepreneurship / social areas with unique vision. That leader realize his vision and quality concepts in his artistic or business projects, often combining both types in one.

Visionaries & Game changers: hyper-seeing guys

The structure of vision talent comparable with artistic abilities: all those are spiritual abilities, associated with creating and achieving ideas, concepts and representations. Needful abilities (more specific — qualities) are similar to artistic abilities, but the processes are not identical.

Area which visinary has a vision, is his mostly art area for himself. Say boldly, the business development visionary is doing his personal art this way. If you able to check which is your mostly vision in, then it would equal = those is mosty artistic area in your life & mind.

Phenomenon of the visionary’s talent

Vision can be in creative, business, social and casual areas. The architect, who is able to see the future of architecture can be a visionary in the field of creativity and culture.

Visionaries show and predetermine the probable (possible) future of anything, or show the structure of something. They have discernment and foresight qualities.

  • The visionaries can determine the future of something big (architecture, or some sort of global area, for example, the development of any country) or something small (personal future, the future career of any man and his future possibilities, future of small groups or some projects);
  • the structure of something big (how a black hole is constructed, Hawking) or something small (how interpersonal relationships in a specific family or a group are constructed).

So, the visionary’s talent can be expressed by different qualities...

Visionaries' Common Qualities

Someone can have them all at once, and someone — only a part:


a) A Vision of the end of the way.

.. for good or bad: important, not the “pole” of the Exodus, but the fact of vision of it. Example: Jobs and other visionaries have long predicted the Data Clouds as the future of IT.

b) Vision for the future of any area as a result of implementation of his own vision.

Mahatma Gandhi — a noticeable fighter for a future without violence. Made a great contribution to peace and future without violence, through what he saw as correct: vision in the humanitarian field.


a) The ability to see “schemes”,

for example: to analyze the situation and areas of activities of atoms, to establish cause-effect relationships. The ability to obtain certain results with the help of seeing methods and steps to achieve them (example is troubleshooters, even though they are fake stories).

b) The ability to see the cause of anything, as well as to initiate the causality for the impact and getting clear results (managers, marketers, advertisers, strategists).

c) In Creativity — example of composers (especially classics):

the ability to see and write huge orchestral parts, at the same time capturing the wind instruments, string and percussion instrument sounds of the symphony. The ability to see immediately a lot of the details, automatically taking into account the harmony, and many other aspects.

Visionaries in other areas have the same qualities: as I write this article, I almost immediately see all sorts of qualities of visionaries, and it’s not difficult for me to sort them through.


a) Project managers, art directors and top managers improve projects due to their sense of quality and their vision of an ideal picture.

Managers in retail chains can monitor the quality of franchises’ implementation: it explains why one super-market is clean and tidy and well maintained, and the other is similar to the low-class dirty shop floor, despite the fact that the first and second store has the same range.

b) Designers and directors, stylists and image-makers are guided in their work by a sense of style. Those who have a very strong vision of style often become visible in this area.

Well-known designers and filmmakers are well known by their style & vision.


a) This quality is manifested in a person who knows how to find cool opportunities even with minimum amount of resources (or with an absence of them).

A cool conventional example is in the movie Iron Man: «Tony Stark has created a nuclear reactor in the garage out of available materials.»

This quality distinguishes fast-growing businessmen from those who develop linearly: some find more opportunities and realize them, while others (almost in the same situation as the first one) see fewer and operate with less efficiency. The situation may be identical, but the manifestation of this quality will give different people different results in the same situation.

b) Ideation. I have always been interested in the question: can any of the small and poor third world countries become more affluent for a short time? It turns out — Yes!

Libya, Kaddafi — read this article about a qualitative leap of Liberia’s economy. It all happened in two decades.

Thus they are ideological people (often they are strong leaders) with a deep vision of ideas for different situations, in both strategic and creative areas.

+ There is another quality: vision as ability to co-ordinate the parts to the whole. The person will be able to coordinate different found/seen opportunities in a full system, which will give much greater efficiency than separately. Sometimes this quality is manifested in the ability to see significant facts in minor details, and the ability to see such detail:

So Sherlock and Dr. House can notice slight nuances invisible to others, getting a general idea of what happened.

To summarize, visionaries creates the future in areas where their talent resides. They are able predict and see trends, and know WHATcan happens in the end. They are seeHOWto do so to avoid undesirable consequences, or to achieve certain desired results (qualitatively to realize the ‘WHAT’). They could handle any area, situation or problem and show how to resolve such problems.

The basic process of visionarie talent:

Mentally finding (visualizing) ideas/representations/concepts, and further refinement, clarification, and cohesion.

How to measure the power of the talent?

  • In business and activities: Measured by quality/capacity/depth of ideas or projects in personal portfolios. I call them memes, and they have one feature. For myself, I say that this talent measures the power of the memes that people have created.
  • In art & creativity: Power and sense that the visionary has given to mankind through his creations. Creativity is also measured by the memes, which give strong feelings.

Vision is not measured by the amount of generated ideas or amount of projects.More important are depth and intelligence of ideas, and the power of feeling that the visionary gives. Projects may count by just 1–2, but they can be so powerful.

The talent of business- & corporate-activity visionaries is manifested in two scales:


What distinguishes the strong leaders in business or in countries leadership?

→ Vision of what the group is STRIVING FOR, and WHAT SHOULD/CAN BE in the end. Here the qualities of foresight, visions of opportunities, ideality, favorable coordination of various parts for a common whole with high efficiency are manifested. STRATEGIC VISION is the reason why there are players in the market with different strengths and with different success, with better business models in the same field (of course, VISION is not the only talent of strong leaders, but one of the key ones).


Tactical visionaries see HOW something can be smartly realized or profitable. There is a witty realization of the conceived. Often they manifest qualities of Detailed Vision, Visibility of Opportunities, Ideology, and Coordination of parts for a common system.

TACTICAL VISION can manifest itself in everyday life:
Have you cleverly invented a mega-optimal schedule for your day, when you needed to be in a lot of places at once (with limited time), and it seemed impossible? Such optimization of body movements for daily (or weekly) tasks in everyday life is a good example of TACTICAL VISION.

In business, tactical vision can be expressed in this way: someone can manage to create a superb product, or build a group of smart specialists from scratch, with little money (or without money at all). Yes, if you have a brain and savvy, you can invent ways and means of how to do anything, almost without money, and become a leader in your field.

Usually visionaries in business create smarter business models than other players in the market, and such companies with advanced vision achieve much more than casual companies with old-style thinking.

It happens in such a format that you invent how to drag in to your project the professionals you need, manage to come up with how to make with them a decent and beneficial exchange using your connections and resources… usually such a process is full with ideas and super-vigorous bodymovements with extremely high efficiency ;)

The Final Message to Visionaries

By revealing a PERSONAL VISION, a person radiates something like the destiny. Seemingly, it is not something acquired after birth.

Disclosing vision talent, a person automatically has the potential to stay at the topmost of competence in some areas (or all areas at once, but with his personal feature). A person with open vision has a powerful personal resource on which he can base his life and activities.

A businessman who knows how to find new and fresh opportunities is the one with this vision. It goes even with the minimum amount of resources, or without resources at all.

Therefore, the vision is a quality of leaders and people that have discernment, foresight, and an extremely high level of awareness. Most times, it happens without having to make any effort.

If one can make great leaps in business or social areas, or he has ideas that can manifest such great leaps, this person has a "personal vision." And this vision can build any future of company or a product.

One from another visionary could be very different.

.. and you will enjoy your life and all of your activities.


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