January 7, 2021

See Positive Changes Occurring In The Brain

Ideally, we should have hospitals that combine therapies with medicine, as such alternative hospitals do not have emergency services. Relatively healthy individuals with healthy lifestyles are falling prey to this disease, and be it pesticides and pollutants, there are many reeling from its effects. It’s nano in form, and reaches organs quicker.”Shantha and Shyamsundar JoshiSide-effects are also a huge deterrant when it comes to modern medicine, which sees more people opt for traditional medicine. I had a recent case of a stage 2 cancer that became stage 4 as treatment was delayed due to such remedies. Darshan Shankar’s son Prasan Shankar adds, “People find modern treatments too linear with no laterality in approach. It’s the first of its kind.

Dr Vishal Rao says, “The high power committee Horizontal bar on the door for sale for yoga and other therapies formed by the government is exploring how modern medicine works with other therapies complimenting it for overall health. Bahl have been addressing the need for holistic treatment with this technology that addresses pain which is a huge cause of concern in diseases like cancer, “We have developed a new technology where we are using only plant extracts in oil or liquid form. We have an MBBS doctor, Dr Bhatt, at our facility. Darshan Shankar adds, “The difference between the side-effects of modern medicine versus Ayurveda is that in medicine, a molecule is used to take out an atom.  The uniqueness is in the technology used, where a few drops  are applied and rubbed for 10 seconds, called Nanocellopathy. I was recently at Harvard Medical School and was surprised to see that students are studying the effects of yoga in brain mind labs, and are able to see positive changes occurring in the brain, even genomic changes. Dr Rao is hoping to change this with the committee to make treatment a function of medicine that is complimented with such treatments.

The Ayurvedic process, they feel, goes deeper into cause than just effect. It may have worked, as I also did rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, but I have no doubt that it helped build immunity and addressed the after-effects of chemo, which were really devastating. What India has kept aside is minor as compared to what China is using on manpower research which led to the malaria breakthrough for which they got a Nobel last year. Anaesthesia comes from Cannabis, and you can smoke it, chew it, and not be in danger of getting anaesthised, but morphine is one molecule of cannabis which can anaesthetise. But in India, that openness is mostly absent. Dr Sawhney, Leena, Gaurav Thakore and many others have treated themselves for cancer, and then sought the healing effects of traditional treatments, especially after the debilitating effects of chemotherapy.”