January 6, 2020

What is the process of Webroot Download?

For Webroot Antivirus Download, you have to open a Web Browser. After launching the web browser, you have to get to the Webroot official site.

For this, reach the address bar in the browser window and type “webroot.com” then press enter. This will again redirect you to the homepage of Webroot. On this home page, you have to find a “My Account” icon in the top header band. Click on this icon. To proceed further you need a Webroot Account. If you already have a Webroot account, you can directly login by entering your user credentials. Otherwise, if you do not have a Webroot account earlier, you can create one now. Click on the Create Account option. Enter all the required information asked for. Thereafter, click on the “Register Now” button. This will complete the process of Account creation for Webroot Download. After the account creation, you need to Log in to your account using the device in which you want to complete the Webroot Antivirus Download. In order to login to your account with Webroot that you have just created, enter your user credentials correctly. After logging in, you will be directed to your account’s home page, where you can find the details of the product purchased by you earlier. Here, you will get a link for Webroot Download. Click on this link and you will see that the download process starts. You can check the progress of Webroot Download at the bottom of your browser window. Repeat the process of just the login and Webroot Download in all the devices for which you have purchased your product. With this, the process of Webroot Download is now complete and is ready for further use.