This is What I Did For an Interior Design Company when We Only Had $100 to Spend on Facebook Ads

by Daria Rudakova
This is What I Did For an Interior Design Company when We Only Had $100 to Spend on Facebook Ads

Not all companies have a large budget to spend on their Facebook advertising campaigns. And, even if you do, there’s always room to save money and boost ROI.

Advertising on Facebook or Instagram as an Interior designer can be tricky and doesn't always guarantee a success. Landing new clients is all about establishing relationships, and great relationships require consistent contact.

It is difficult to track the results of an ad campaign as you not always targeting hot clients that are ready to buy. It is tricky to catch a person at the exact moment.

Continue reading to discover:

  • How to save time and money with precise audience targeting
  • The key metrics to track during a Facebook ad campaign
  • Oversights that could be draining your budget. Tracking your campaign.
  • How to buy cheap money with Facebook ads.

What we had at the beginning:

Instagram account

New Walls Design has is a website. But there is no contact form or any payment methods attached.

There is no pixel installed and no time to do it.

No customer lists so it was not possible to start with Custom Audiences.

There were also no USP prepared.

The best at this point was to start to lead ads to the Instagram account.

Here is how it looked:

We immediately agreed, we will work by the principle of No stress.

What was done:

Setting up a Facebook advertising account for the client

Recommendations on profile maintenance were given.

Based on a thorough study of previous orders, a portrait of the target audience was created. I've prepared a several target groups in the Facebook ad manager.

We've talked a lot about competitors, main problems, target audience and main points that are important for the target audience.

As a result, we found out that the main advantage of working with an interior designer is the ability to delegate a huge pile of problems associated with repairs, planning of the room and style. Simply getting rid of the stress.

Designer's clients always face the same problems:

  • lack of understanding of what redevelopment options are and how to organize everything properly;
  • lack of time to resolve all issues and coordinate the project, ignorance in choosing the right materials and team of workers;
  • need for constant organization of delivery and acceptance of furniture;

The lack of experience results time lose, headaches, unforeseen expenses and errors that could have been avoided.

House Repair - a continuous stress? - we created a slogan.

Then I've developed a commercial proposal. A planning solution, that is so important for any design project, was offered for free with a Pro package (which implies a style solution, 3d visualization and construction drawings).

So, here are 2 teasers ideas

Stress of a renovation? 


Planning solution for FREE

I have developed several banners to test.

For the first teaser, it was decided to focus on the personality of the designer herself. It is much easier to communicate personally with the designer than with an abstract studio.

The next teaser. The problem of every woman is the kitchen.. A bright one.

Beautiful living room.

I also tried Facebook tool for creating videos using photos of the cabinet’s to try and target male audience. Here is its screensaver:

I've also created several ad texts. Some were shorter and some were longer. But each one concentrated on a question catching a problem. And thorough explanations on further actions were given.

We've targeted all Russian Federation. I've segmented the audiences by major cities and interests.

When first tests were over my client reported that she have seen the ad. Which let me to a conclusion that I have to exclude all the interior designers by their major or career to narrow the audiences.

The best audiences were women between 30 and 40 years old.

I have reviewed the teasers.

The best performing teasers was the one based on a living room.

For the next round I've decided to run ads for women with children and limit the audience by their income by sorting out frequent travelers, phones last model users and luxury goods lovers.

I used the same designers project but this time it's kitchen that's combined with a dining area. It is every russian house wife's dream.

Childrens room common problem - small size solution.

As a result, the 2nd test (it is called Test3 on the screenshot below) went much better. Click price decreased by 55%.

During the campaign all ad groups were seen by 33,777 people.

Once the post was shared and 61 times clicked on.

The majority of the target groups were women so ads were seen mostly by women (59 women and 2 men).

The main age group was in the 35-44 years old.

Best responded audience - Krasnodar Krai Territory.

Advertising with the children's room went very well, on the other hand the video-creative failed.

It turned out that after editing the video was too fast. The frames were changing too quickly and it was simply not enough have time to read the text.

At this point we spent a quarter of our budget.

I've decided to skip any video ideas.

New creative was based on a picture of a bathroom, another problem area of each house, which is most popular among most customers.

Here is a screen saver from this creative.

We concentrated on the female audience up to 45 years old.

Thus, we got the result - 17 rubles per click. Which was 80% click price decrease.

My client started to report about new customers coming.

This were the first Instagram customers.

At that moment the budget spent was 6134 rubles (100US$). We received orders for 180.000 rubles.(3000US$).

Total company sales increased by 50% for the time of running the ad campaign.

At that point the test period was over and we continued to work with the formed audience.

I've also created a quick access to a relatable audience in Instagram app. So next time my client can use a Promote button herself if she needs it.

Since all the problems were noticed during the preparation period We've started a new chapter in our cooperation.

The client was very pleased and left a testimonial. Here are her words:

My name is Osnitskaya Olesya, my instagram profile @new_walls_design.

I first embarked on a journey called targeted advertising with Rudakova Daria. And it was a great find for me!

With Daria, I very easily and quickly got along with this person. She has always been in touch, although we are in different time zones, which characterizes her as a customer-oriented employee.

Daria helped us to understand in which direction to move the development of the account as a whole. For advertising, Daria made banners and videos independently, independently suggested ideas for USP and the concept of teasers and texts

. After a couple of weeks of hard work, the first customers from Instagram started coming to us, the expectations were fully met. There is a light at the end of the tunnel! Advertising works!

video review of my work from New Walls Design - see my profile

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May 13, 2019
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