Ad campaign research for Women sunglasses brand SojoS.

CASE STUDY by Daria Rudakova


Based on the given information I've started with an analysis:

is neatly made. However I noticed, that during the shopping process there are multiple pop-ups that disturb the customer.

There is no quick shopping button to buy immediately.

Payment methods section is well organized, there are multiple payment methods.

  • Instagram page needs improvement. There is a lack of style and the level of brand representation falls due to the absence of feed planning, color scheme and information on sales.

There are two Customer service links in Bio which lead a customer away and disturb customers attention from the most important element of the page - the website link. The number of followers is 164k, but number of likes is roughly 900, which means that the audience reach is less than 5%.

More information about the whole purchasing process needs to be added in the feed. SojoS need to consider adding more videos, adding important info to Highlights, removing extra links and resolving what is going on with a customer service page and why is it needed.

There is nothing in particular that I've noticed. Section of quick video access on Facebook page is outdated and featuring some Christmas topics. There is no information on delivery or any other important moments. So they need to consider adding fresh videos that talk about something important in this videos like shipping and sales propositions.

Based on the materials above it is clear that all elements of social media presence need improvement.

The website needs UI improvement, the purchase process should be done easier with less number of steps, while purchase decision is still active.

All USP (unique selling proposition) should be announced not only on SojoS website. There is no mentioning of discounts or free shipping on their Instagram and Facebook pages.

I've checked a few ads by world leaders like Rayban, Oakleys, Blenders.

Here is my analysis breakdown.

SojoS Straights:

  • a big number of photo examples of people wearing glasses by Sohos.

There are tons of customer's photos on Sojos Insta page and Facebook page. However these photos are very random and it is difficult to say that any of them has enough qualities to be used for the advertisement purposes. I would highly recommend making a specially planned ad photoshoot in order to achieve the best quality and ad campaign results.

  • Pixel has been installed for 6 months.

There is a huge plus that Sojos has a pixel running for 6 months on their website. It means we can use it to retarget previous customers and to create a look-a-like audience.

  • There is data on best-performing items which we can use.

Sojos Weaknesses:

  • Long conversion funnel path.
  • Social media presence needs improvement.

There is no specific style or brand identity. Brand online presentation needs improvement in general. The actual presence looks cheap and reminds of a Chinese market where glasses models don't have names but numbers. USP must be highlighted on all social media platforms.

  • Landing page optimization - the wording in the product description must be compelling and clear, the content must be highly-actionable.

The basic ad strategies for this client.

  1. So for the start, we should check if Pixel has been installed properly. Because It is said that the Facebook pixel has been installed on the site for the past 6 months, however, Facebook Pixel Helper says that there are "No pixels found on".
  2. Pixel - Remarketing. Use e-mail retargeting, add up to 50% discount.
  3. Look-a-like. Use a 15% discount code.
  4. Test Custom audiences - USA/Canada/Australia - try young women audiences with interests in social media influencers, beauty, bloggers, travel, fitness and sports. Use a 15% discount code.
  5. Run ads on Facebook, Instagram feed and Stories. Leading to the main page or product landing page.
  6. The Campaign might be supported by a giveaway promoted on the SojoS website, Instagram and Facebook.

At this point I almost finished a mind map to help me layout all the clue points.

Here it is


Retargeting audiences strategy will focus on:

  • Users who dropped out of a funnel
  • Users who abandoned items in their shopping carts
  • Users who visited the site but did not convert
  • Users who have converted

For users who dropped out of a funnel and abandoned items in their shopping carts we can remarket with ads for that specific sunglasses (reminders, discounts, etc.), or with ads for similar items that they viewed. Target them with reduced or free shipping, or a discount on the items in their carts.

For users who searched the site but did not convert - follow up with ads that focus on either the specific items users search for or on similar items that may be viable alternatives.

Users who have converted can be converted by following e-mails with more valuable discounts and special offers.

The strategy might be to give them a discount for an abandoned item.  Set up a sequence of emails: first reminder is 30% off, second and final reminder is 50% off.

Use 15% OFF code for both look-a-like and custom audiences as new customers.

Look-a-like audience based on pixel data on converted visitors.

Research on GEO.

I've checked Google Trends for more information on web searches.





It will be more efficient to run ads for all the country and test the regions. Web trends search data might differ from SojoS conversion in the same region.

Custom audience 1.

Target audience portrait. Women, 18-35 years old are most common audience that is ready to buy in Instagram.

It is very important to understand audience interests. So I've researched SohoS Facebook and Instagram page, checking what pages were followed by the ambassadors and active followers of SojoS. I've made a list of verified Influencers to target people who “like” their pages.

Geo: USA, Australia, Canada

I've created an audience

Custom audience 2.

Create a custom audience that only includes people who fit to these criteria:

  • Age: 18 – 35
  • Gender: Female
  • Viewed content in the last 90 days
  • Exclude people who already made a purchase in the last 90 days

Custom audience 3.

Create a custom audience that only include people who fit these criteria:

  • Age: 18 – 35
  • Gender: Female
  • Geo: USA, Australia, Canada
  • Interests: beauty, social media, fitness, fashion

Audience behavior and language approach research.

I've researched words stats and words that Target Audience can relate to. The main idea is to grab attention within first seconds targeting the most important idea-she want's to be seen, she is a fashionista, she has a style and want's to be appreciated in social media where all her valuable influencers are.

I wanted to have short attention-grabbing texts.


I used the best selling (recommended) items from the website.

The first creative is an Instagram video-format ad.

You can download and watch it via link

Here is an idea and a preview.

I have focused on giving each item more value through adding a pattern style for each background. Video features a gallery of best selling items.

And finished up with a Free Shipping USP and a call to action.

These ideas follow up with Stories format.

Left one - the idea is an interaction video-game, where you can screenshot the story and customize it on your own taste choosing weather, mood and favorite sunglasses.

RIght one - is a video in format of Stories based on a best selling items gallery. I used native Stories integration by adding the Stories fonts.

Based on my research I made a few final concepts-images and texts.

Audience follows bloggers' opinion on fashion, inspiration and beauty products. Influencers decide what Audience want. Each wants to be seen and appreciated, to be an influencer. So these are the keywords that I used: "blogger", "inspire", "fashion"

Here are two creatives based on the idea of social media appreciation:

One is using a photo from Sojos Instagram and the other - a photo from the web.

The other ideas that I had were connected with simple shapes and solid colors. I've used only pictures that were used by SojoS previously.

Using the idea of positive changes and world brightness with SojoS glasses Text can be easily added.

Using UPS 50% off discount.

Using the idea of a mirage with emphasis on the sunglasses. I've created an attention focus using visual tempo, repetition and object isolation.

Here is how it looks together with text in Instagram feed

And the last one is a video preview in Instagram feed

All created teasers are just examples to show the ideas and they do not limit placements. Facebook, Instagram and Stories were included in the case study.


The maximum lid cost is unknown. The original product price and margin on a product are unknown.

I would recommend to start with a 50$ budget for each ad teaser. And run a test period from 3 days to 2 weeks.

Then increase budgeting for each ad group by 20% daily to the best-performing ad groups according the test results. Continue to do it if the click cost will stay stable.

Let's assume that the Client have 5,000 sales in 2 months and wants to sell for the same amount in 1 month.

The client's budget is 10 000$. The product average price is 20$

5000*20$=10000$ per month

If SojoS average order value is 100$ per client, we can say we need 100 orders. Then it is 10 000 website leads. That means the lead cost must be below 1$.

Here is a Google folder with all the used material.

In this folder you can find the following:

  • I'm not sure whether many people are familiar with Mind maps. So you can find it in both formats .png and .xmind
  • Custom Audience screenshot
  • texts
  • all feed teasers
  • Stories teasers
  • video teaser with a preview