March 16, 2020

10 Years anniversary Xiaomi MiCommunity Ideas

Mi community planning and articles copywriting.



  • create buzz around the brand,
  • raise brand awareness
  • improve public perception
  • Attract and gain fresh subscribers


  • Mi 10 Years Journey
  • 10th Anniversary Mi Merch
  • 10 Years of Luck - giveaway

Mi 10 Years Journey


My Journey with Xiaomi in the last 10 years - fans share stories, benefits of the products. Xiaomi shares how products were changing and evolving. A new brand or Mi community style can be presented.

10 Years Anniversary of #MiJourney All Mi Fans, this month we celebrate together, share our best experiences and amazing stories that we’ve got for the 10 years of #MiJourney! What was your first Xiaomi?

  1. Share your best highlights from 10 years of #MiJourney in a new thread
  2. Leave a comment below to let more Mi Fans to know about your Journey
  3. Don’t forget to use our hashtag  #MiJourney!

We selected a couple of stories from our fans, you can read the full stories by clicking the link title.

Fan story 1 quote<link> 

Fan story 2 quote<link>

And here is our short essay of how we got our name:

10 years ago, none of you knew about Xiaomi. Because it simply did not exist. The first meeting between the founders took place on January 14, 2010.

When it came to a name, among hundreds of candidates were Red Star and Xuande. Red Star was abandoned due to the brand problems. And Xuande didn’t sound very good.  Xiaomi has won this battle! 

The final letters, “MI” represent two meanings. First is Mobile Internet, for the extreme trust that the company placed in the mobility associated with the world of the internet. Second - Mission Impossible, because the challenge of imposing Xiaomi among the many producers of the time seemed, in fact, impossible.

10 years after, Xiaomi represents a solid reality in the world of smartphones. And ready to begin the new decade with the new style! More mature and stating freedom Xiaomi.

10th Anniversary Mi Merch


create a limited anniversary merch (branded year calendar, t-shirts, sweatshirts, stickers, branded bunnies, devices with the custom Anniversary design, etc.). Fans pre-order (wish) a merch item on the website and participate in the competition.

Round off 10 years with a smile! Get your 10th Anniversary Limited Mi Merch now!

Hello, Mi Fans!

Not every company can or should mark an anniversary with a large scale rebranding, sometimes it’s better to celebrate with our fans that contribute to our community. 

Today we call you to join our photo competition 10 years with a smile! And get any 10th anniversary Mi Merch store item FREE!

It’s true we’re only 10, but we’ve actually seen some things. Back when we started, phones looked like this < Xiaomi Mi 1 photo >. Times have changed and so have we<Redmi 8A Dual photo>.

Now, we are over 350 million MIUI users! But Xiaomi is not just a smartphone maker. It is a way of life, the products that can replace almost all of your necessary electronics at home, from tiny smart light bulbs to powerful washing machines and water purifiers.

Join our photography challenge 10 years with a smile!

<photos made with Xiaomi phones>

Submit your photo before April 15th and you may have a chance to get the 10th anniversary Mi Merch store FREE!

Make a wish in the 10th anniversary Mi Merch store. We will give out the codes to the best photo authors to get the item you wished for.

And you keep your smile up!

10 Years of Luck - giveaway

Idea: Xiaomi giveaway - fans share photos with Xiaomi devices 

Win 10 prizes - A Decade of Luck with Xiaomi!

2011-------------- Xiaomi--------------->2020

Thank you for the immeasurable amount of support that has made this Decade possible, and cheers to the next 10 years! Let it be lucky for all!

10 years means a lot to us, to celebrate we have prepared something special for all who came through all of this time with us. For YOU! 

Do you know us well? Choose a Xiaomi luck and make a photo on this theme. 

  1. Lucky name
  2. Great hardware
  3. Software
  4. Reviews
  5. Available globally
  6. Huge community
  7. Cover all areas of devices
  8. The faith of the brand
  9. Always affordable
  10. Easy to buy and reach online/customer care feedbacks 

Share your photo before the 16 of March and win one of 10 Lucky prizes.

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