DNM Handbook

1. Dream is not coming back. Give up.
2: More markets now is a honeypot. If they haven't been for months beforehand, they were definitely compromised in the last couple of weeks following the arrest of half of their staff, the ones that also worked for Wall Street.
3: Libertas exit scammed, why are you still using them? Do you just see the word "Monero" and immediately lose control of your higher functions?
4: Do use Monero, though. Always be improvising.
5: Viva la decentralization!
6: Don't use Windows. Tails or jails! Maybe Qubes/Whonix, if you want.
7: Don't use the Hidden Wiki.
8: Don't use search engines like Torch, NotEvil, Ahmia, or Phobos to find legit links. They also dredge up phishing and scam links as well as legit ones.
9: If you have to ask, it's a scam.
10: Cross-reference your links.
11: Use 2FA.
12: PGP is a rule, not a guideline.
13: Don't use services with ads on SecMail, Torch, and similar sites.
14: Don't enable JavaScript.
15: The majority of free-standing vendor shops are scams.
16: Same goes for markets. UnderMarket, Green Machine, the Green Road, Delta, etc, all scams.
17: Silk Road is dead. Do not use Silk Road 3.1.
18: Don't believe everything you read.
19: Don't put your real name or email address in your PGP key. If you can't do it properly, just give up, turn off the computer, and walk away.
20: Don't talk to the cops. Lawyer up and shut up.
21: Clean house regularly.
22: Don't brag about your super-1337 DeRpWeEb experience.
23: Hitmen are fake.
24: Red rooms are also fake.
25: Superhackers do not want to work for you.
26: Anyone who claims they can hack Google, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc, is lying.
27: Don't use a clearnet email service.
28: Don't connect your real-life identity to your Darknet identity.
29: Never slack on opsec.
30: Always escrow.
31: You will not be able to "make money fast", so forget about it.
32: It is not "deep web", it is Darknet. Two totally different things.
33: Reddit is no longer a reliable source of information.
34: Do your research.
35: Always assume the worst, but never panic.
36: FUD helps nobody.
37: Listen to people who obviously know more than you.
38: Read everything.