September 24, 2020


Everyone likes to receive prizes and gifts. Especially when it doesn't take much effort. Just imagine, a banner is displayed that YOU are the lucky one who was chosen to take part in the drawing of a new smartphone. EMOTIONS. Because of them, you immediately click on the notification and further...

Let's see what sweepstakes are and why you need to work with this vertical.

Sweepstakes are online draws in which you can win something interesting and expensive for free. Prizes can be completely different: smartphones, travel, cars, gift cards, and so on.

All that is required from the user: fill out a form with personal data, sometimes authorize a bank card. After that, advertisers get a large base of potential customers, and publishers earn money from those who want to try their luck.

Types of sweepstakes

  • SOI - the user needs to fill in several fields with personal information. No confirmation required. Payments are minimal.
  • DOI – here, users are already required to verify their email address. The payout will depend on the number of confirmations.
  • PIN SubmitС- to participate in the drawing, the user needs to confirm his phone number. Payouts are directly proportional to confirmations.
  • Credit Card Submit – the user is required to either simply indicate the credit card information or make a symbolic payment from a valid card. Getting such a lead is quite difficult, but it is possible. The main thing is to come up with a creative that will inspire trust.

What types are best ?

  • The most expensive offer is Credit Card Submit. But here working with creativity will be more difficult too. It is quite difficult to convince a person to pay for participation in something that he does not even know about. In addition, you need to competently work with the target audience. Target a middle-aged paying user.
  • Next comes PIN SubmitС. Payouts are relatively high, target audience is wide, and creatives are less complex.
  • If you don't want to get complicated then try SOI and DOI. They pay a lot less for a lead, but the user response is higher. Creatives are freely available, so you need to make a minimum of effort. The main thing to remember is that overused creatives are boring!

Best Geo

Top Geo countries are Tier-1 countries. Users of these countries are most loyal to sweepstakes, because they have been familiar with them for a long time. Therefore, they have the highest payouts for each conversion. But it should be noted that the competition is higher here. Beginners are advised to first work with Tier-2 countries

Suitable traffic sources

  • Push-traffic
  • Social networks
  • Pop-under
  • Native

Push-traffic is the most popular when working with sweeps. This format is famous for its low cost per click and high conversion. Users perceive this advertisement as a personal message intended only for them. Therefore, they are happy to click on the notification.

Sweepstake push notification

What devices

For sweepstakes, both desktop and mobile traffic are suitable. Now there is a high growth in the conversion of mobile traffic, but on average, the conversion on the desktop is 2 times higher.

If you have chosen mobile traffic, remember that Apple converts better despite the fact that Android has more traffic.


To work with sweepstakes, you will definitely need pre-landing pages, since you cannot send traffic directly.

Use all your creative abilities, take on the role of a psychologist and remember, pre-landing is an important stage that sets the user up to “collaborate” with you further.

Let's take a look at the most popular types of pre-landing:

  • Preland with wheel
    (spin the "Wheel of Fortune" and win a prize)
  • Pre-land with a choice of prizes
    (choose which prize you want to receive)
  • Pre-land with questionnaire

Creative Tips

  1. An obligatory factor is catchy text and headline. In this case, it is better to keep the design simple. Users should focus on sending the message, and bright images should not distract them.
  2. The text should be readable on small devices too.
  3. Make it clear what awaits the user after passing, so that he does not waste time searching for this information. Don't make him doubt.
  4. Adjust the target audience qualitatively. You need to understand the interests of users. It is unlikely that a guy would want to win a box of professional cosmetics, just like a man over 40 does not dream of a PlayStation.
  5. Follow the trends! Why would anyone win an old phone when a new model came out a few days ago?
  6. You definitely need to experience creativity yourself. Ask the question: “Would I like to participate? Would that convince me? "
  7. You can take an existing creative as a template, but we advise you to rework it as much as possible. The thing that blew up the Internet a few months ago, in most cases, no longer works.
  8. Letting the user choose their prize is a great option! This not only increases his interest, but also instills confidence in victory.
Choosing a phone color


Sweepstakes are harmless offers. Collecting a database of numbers / emails is not a crime, giving a chance to try your luck, even knowing that there will be no winnings is also not a crime. Therefore, create top creatives with DatsPush and profit from sweeps without remorse.