David Gene Neugart - Federally Licensed IRS Enrolled Agent

David Gene Neugart is a federally licensed IRS Enrolled Agent working from Temecula, California. With more than 25 years of practice experience under his belt, he is an experienced tax practitioner who provides services to both individuals and businesses equally, helping them in their taxation and financial matters. Experienced with his firm having more than 32,000 tax returns filed, David Neugart is one of the most prominent tax practitioners whose experienced and well tested services one can avail in today’s turbulent climate. He has also helped several clients and businesses in more than 400 IRS resolutions and almost 6000 client consultations till date!

There is no denying that the financial matters of an individual will be different from that of a business owner and thus the consultation needs of an individual client will always differ from that of a business owner. A good tax practitioner knows how to deal with each case with equal responsibility and provides satisfactory services every time. David Neugart provides services in several financial spheres of clients and businesses. Be it an individual or a business, there is something for everyone’s benefit. Some of the main services offered by him are Tax Preparation and Audit Representation, Small Business Consulting, Accounting, Bookkeeping and IRS problem resolutions. Adhering to the IRS ethical standards and through his vast practise experience, David Neugart is familiar with all in-outs of financial matters that an individual or business face today. Not only that, with his working experience of handling business and individual cases, he can foresee the financial difficulties that one might face in future and help you in handling those matters well in advance.

Real estate and properties are also a major area where individuals and business owners often face financial difficulties and liabilities. There is hardly a successful business owner who is not troubled by the real estate financial matters we are ALL currently faced with. David Neugart is an experienced tax consultant when it comes to the matters of real estate and properties. He has an extensive experience with Real Estate Brokers, Insurance Property, Casualty, Life & Health insurance agents as well as Federal Mortgage Originators. He has provided his services and consultations to several clients and businesses in their property and real estate matters from all over America & U.S Territories.