April 28, 2020

Divorce in Texas Without a Lawyer:What to Know

When you are ready, the next step would be filing your petition for marriage dissolution with the court in the county you reside. A copy of your petition should be printed and signed. Next, you will have to wait for up to 2 months until the judge validates your petition and the decision will be announced sooner.
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Get an online divorce in Texas

If your relationship is no longer a happy one, you may be looking for a way to end your marriage. The first and only way to get a cheap divorce in Texas is to get an online divorce. This way, youll get an experienced professional who will investigate all possible arrangements you might make for your wedding. This will allow you to land a legal breakup that wont require you too much time and effort.
Upon filing
The next thing to do is to make yourself familiar with the legal grounds for a divorce. In Texas, these are called the grounds (or reasons) and they control how your marriage will be terminated. They are:
Irreconcilable differences - These implies that you and your partner cannot work together to bring about your marriage and break up. While most of us would think that something like this is impossible, it is not. As a result, if your spouse consents to save your family, there is no need to file a divorce form.
Adultery - In addition to the reasons, you have to file the ADultery complaint. It is necessary to take this document as it is the basis for the divorce. Once you file it, the judge will review your case in order to decide whether to invite you to the next stage of the process.
Unreasonable behavior - This is a ground that you wont get much notice of unless you need to take care of it. It is a very mild disagreement, which means that you can not get a divorce on impulse.
Character flaws - If your spouse has character flaws, you dont have to worry about the fact that you2 have been raised by each other. Yet, the judge will scrutinize your behavior in the hope of finding your best solution for the relationship problems.
Sexual problems - If your spouse has an issue with sexual penetration, this is a good reason to file for divorce immediately. But if your partner doesnt provide any information about his/her sexual habits, it is a good reason to postpone the divorce for a certain time.
The conviction of the case - If the couple has been living apart for at least 18 months, the judge will not hesitate to enter into the marital dissolution. Yet, if the couple has been living together for the previous 30 days, the case may be dropped quickly.
No-fault reasons - These are all the reasons that youll get when filing for divorce without specifying fault of either party. They include:
• Violent behavior and physical or mental abuse
• Misconduct in relation to ones spouse or underage kids
• Conviction of criminal activity
• Insanity
• Abandonment for at least 12 months
• Imprisonment or conviction of a serious crime.
Other reasons may be when the spouses have been living separately for at least 18 months or when there is an imminent risk of their being expelled from the country.
Fault-based grounds - When filing for divorce you are obliged to provide proof that your better half acts illegally, for example, taking drugs or performing underage drugs. Also, you may allege that your better half is subject to cruelty or neglect. These grounds can be very serious and severe enough to warrant a prison sentence for a certain term.
Reasons that may be waived - Usually, most divorces have some kind of settlement or procedure that you can get. For example, if your partner is getting a divorce because of depression, you may provide proof that he/she is unfit for you. In this case, the judge may postpone the divorce for a certain time and look for other ways to resolve the issue.

Your total package of documents

The way you deliver your documents to the court depends on individual circumstances. However, it depends from simple to complicated.
In the simplest case, your papers will be filed in the county where you or your partner lives. To get an online divorce in Texas, youll have to prepare one of the following forms:
• Simple Texas divorce form
• E-mail Texas divorce form
• Facebook divorce form
• Business/professional license form
• Residence or citizenship form
• Ancestory form
Will do nothing, and won’t be accepted by the court. The more complicated your situation is, the longer and more frustrating it becomes.