Irwin Consulting Services Review: General tips for holiday season safety

by @davidsonbroadnax
Irwin Consulting Services Review: General tips for holiday season safety

In relation to the previous post of Irwin Consulting Services, people are starting to decorate their homes for the holiday season. But sadly, fire departments were often responding to a lot of house fires during this season because of malfunctions on electrical decorations as one major cause. But there were a few more reasons to accidents especially during this time of the year and Irwin Consulting Services would like you to continue reading and be advised on some helpful tips to remain safe this season of joy.

Take care of real Christmas tree

With a real or live Christmas tree, choose fresher and greener trees. It is best to avoid choosing dry trees because they are vulnerable to fires. You must ensure that the tree is safe from the range of heat sources such as space heaters and lit fireplaces. In order to better protect the tree, keep a fire extinguisher near to it. Remember that live and fresh tree can also quickly catch a fire because of its needles and sap, so have a few considerations first before putting it on the right and safe place. The live tree must be watered on a regular basis to avoid having a dried-out tree that is the weakest to fires. Maintain its proper hydration and see to it that the there’s always a good amount of water supply. On the other hand, having artificial trees can be much safer especially if it is labeled “fire resistant”, thus such trees were not a magnet for fires.

Keep electrical connections in order

You probably have a lot of electrical connections in your house because of the additional electrical decorations you own. With this, overloading can be a possibility. Organize every electrical connection properly to keep out of fire accidents. 

Properly dispose of wrapping papers

After the family’s gift-giving, don’t let your family members trash the wrapping papers on the fireplace. Don’t belittle the ability of papers to catch fire very fast that can even cause flash fires. Dispose them properly, or recycle the wrapping papers.

Get the help of others

Putting decorations on higher places involves some risk so better call one family member to support the base of the ladder while you are designing the lights and decorations on the roof, ceiling, or other higher spots in your house. 

Check the decorative lights

If you notice some damages on the lights you’ve used last year, quickly replace them for safety purposes. Don’t let frayed wires, loose connections, and even broken sockets to light up your holiday season because it can eventually cause an accident.

Use the lights cautiously

Before your family goes to sleep or leave the house for an outdoor trip, make sure that all lights were turned off to prevent a short that could trigger an electrical fire. You must not leave electrical decorative unattended for a long period of time.

Keep the cords safe

Make sure that there weren’t any damages to the electrical cords as well and be careful about designing them to your house and prevent actions that could damage the cord. Using nails or tacks might not be the best choice to mount the lights, thus experts suggest the use of hooks or insulated staples instead.

Monitor the candles

Keep the candles away from the reach of small children and do not leave them unattended as well.

Choose sturdy ornaments

Small children are especially curious thus the ornaments could take their interest and play with them, and if your decorations are fragile, they won’t last long. But not just because of that since if you have electric decorations better keep them in the safe spot not within the reach of little kids and pets as well to ensure their safety.

Think twice about displaying fake foods

With little children or pets, you might not notice that they were already eating those fake candies on your decorations. You don’t want to endanger the health of your kids and pets, right? So be wary of putting those fake foods on display.

Be careful about putting different kinds decorative of plants

You’re probably going to put lots of lovely plants inside your home as decorations especially poinsettias that are the most common during the holiday season, but remember that this plant can be poisonous once eaten, so put them on spots that were difficult to reach for your kids and small pets.

Irwin Consulting Services wishes you a “happy holidays” and a safe celebration to this joyful time of the year.

January 9, 2018
by @davidsonbroadnax