November 2, 2020

Get the sewing machine under 100 now

For distraction, self-use or as a business idea, learning to sew is a decision that many people make at some point in their life and that brings with it many advantages. It stimulates brain functions, saves money and creates your own wardrobe, as well as generating income. And best of all, being able to design your own clothes, tailored to your liking.

Long ago this activity was associated with grandmothers, who spent hours and hours turning a pedal, so many saw this work as tedious and sacrificing. This changed radically with the passage of time and technological advances, and today there are sewing machine under 100 capable of making 1,300 stitches per minute, substantially simplifying time and effort.

One of the dilemmas that arises when you decide to enter the world of sewing, is what type of machine is ideal for beginners. One of the dilemmas that arise is whether or not to buy it at an economical price, surely with fewer functions, with the risk that in a short time one with better features will be needed, or because the tasks will be more complicated with a very simple.

Good advice to buy sewing machines is essential

Without a doubt, the ideal thing before choosing a sewing machine for beginners is to know the opinions of the experts, who surely went through the same situation when they started in the world of sewing.

One website that is an excellent guide is the site It is a sewing machine comparator in which sewing professionals explain their experience when entering this activity and offer advice on which are the best equipment to choose according to the budget.

It is not a page that abounds promoting products without more, but a platform with valuable and very complete information from people who are passionate about sewing and have this activity as their economic support.

The most recommended sewing machines

Among the variety of sewing machines that exist on the market and that are ideal for beginners, are those of the Singer Tradition series, which groups those machines specially designed for amateurs who want to have a machine that works well, is reliable and do not have overly advanced features that interfere with the process of learning to sew by machine.

One of the most popular in this range is the Singer Tradition 2250. It is regarded by many as the “queen of beginners” for its easy handling and low price. There are 18 types of stitches, which is enough to start and even go a little later. In addition, stitch adjustments can be made in both width and length. Being a quality machine, it obviously has an automatic bobbin winding system and an automatic buttonhole in four steps.

Despite being the Singer Tradition 2250 the most popular, for the experts at, the sewing machine in this range that is really suitable for those who are new to the activity, is the Singer Tradition 2282, which has been an evolution of the previous one.

This equipment offers 32 useful stitches, the possibility of adding buttons thanks to the one-step automatic buttonhole and also, like all the ones in this range, stitch width and length can be adjusted.