October 15, 2020

Porsche Taycan sales rocketed in Europe and claim the throne in August

Porsche Taycan. Photo by Autofun.

According to the latest sales figure for Porsche’s core strongholds in the European continent, this vintage automaker based in Stuttgart of Germany created a sales volume of 5,293 units in August of 2020, a 16.3% down compared to the same period in the previous year. This figure was not satisfying, but it looks good to some extent when compared with the figure of the overall market in Europe——a 18.9% decline.

Porsche has tried desperately to save its sales volume. After all, almost no automakers could weather this tough period——when coronavirus and the economic crises are spreading throughout the world concurrently. After the first two quarters of the year, the sales figure finally reached a total of 116,964 units, a 12% decline.

Europe is the second largest market of Porsche. Since the electric vehicles are bound to be the future, Porsche launched its first all-electric model——Porsche Taycan. The estimated price will be over $100,000. The Taycan achieved a remarkable sales volume——1,183 units. Actually it’s not remarkable at all, but it’s really stellar when compared with the other series of Porsche such as the Cayenne Coupe.

The Taycan is probably going to keep its position on the leaderboard rising. But its sibling——Porsche Panamera has been sticked to the bottom of the ranking for long. How will be the future be like? We have no answer.

Leaderboard for Porsche Europe Aug 2020. Photo by Autoevolution.