January 26, 2020

Computers have become a vital part of everyday life

Computers have become a vital part of everyday life. You can find them in business, science, medicine, and in schools, and perhaps even at home. Computer - an electronic machine that can be used to store, process and display the data. There are many types of computer, among them: the personal computer (or PC), which can be a desk with a computer case or desktop computer with the computer case, laptop (which is smaller than a desktop), laptop computer (which is like a laptop, but less) podportativny computer (which is even less) and a laptop computer, usually called palmtop. There is a running computer, which are found in other machines, such as refrigerators and cars, for example.

2 / A computer is just a machine, but the computer system is composed of two main elements: the machine and the software or hardware and software. "Hardware" refers to the physical components of the system. These mechanical and electronic components.

3 / The central idea of ​​the computer system is that the input is processed into products. Input - data that is entered into the computer and taken the result will make the computer processing, usually printed or on-screen. Different computer systems include computer platforms.

4/The potential uses of computer use are infinite. We can mention some of the most common current use of computers in daily life: personal, educational and commercial.

5/People use the Internet to research their personal hobbies and interests, find information, goods and access services, such as booking tickets or flight Ordering books and DVD, or the performance of their online banking. Computer users make contact and keep in touch with people all over the worls use e-mail or internet telephony, send photos to family and friends via e-mail application. In the world of computer games and entertainment media (audio or video) is very popular. Many Internet users actually added to the Internet, making their own home page using HTML code, a language that allows you to create web pages. Other users write and publish blogs. Blog - a website where users create and regularly update a magazine that reflects the views of the writer. Internet users can also enjoy making their own podcasts for others to download and enjoy photos, music and videos.

6 / In schools and universities, students use a word processing program to write essays and projects, presentations and databases. Internet - is also an important educational tool used in distance education. Studying online is popular, it uses the Internet as a medium for instruction and educational development. Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) - a software system designed to help teachers in the management of educational courses for the students, creating a virtual classroom. This is - a real place on the Internet where teachers and students can meet and use electronic school supplies, such as videoconference via TV, online classrooms, boards, chat rooms and so on.

7/E-commerce commerce (business, driven by the Internet), it becomes ever more important part of our lives. Thought its website, the company has to offer computer users an opportunity to order and pay for goods and services using their credit cards online. Graphics and desktop publishing (DTP) software are important tools in the professions, such as publishing and advertising. Compainies can also program the machine design (CAD), to design and test new products without building a working model. Computers allow users to make notes, arrange appointments and details of the index of business contacts. Computers reduce the amount of paper used in the office.

8/There are many career choices in your future, which may not be available without computer skills. The growing use of computers increases the need for employees with computer knowledge and training. If you - the computer literate person, career opportunities are endless for you.
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