July 29, 2020

Implant Supported Overdenture: “It’s a SNAP”!

First impressions are lasting impressions! Did you know that 40% of first impressions are based on appearance alone? THAT’S HUGE! The effect of visible decayed, broken, or missing teeth is clearly devastating.

The embarrassment alone directly affects self-esteem, which ultimately impacts public interaction, personal relationships, and even career choices. Fortunately, there is a denture solution that is a SNAP!

So why is this so important? To fully appreciate the snap-in feature let’s examine the complaints of traditional dentures. The most common is a poor fit, reduced chewing function, dislodging from tongue movement, lack of taste sensation, and gagging. If you currently wear a traditional denture, you may have experienced some or all of these problems! For those of you who need a denture due to missing, decayed or broken teeth or gum disease a SNAP-IN solution without these problems may be right for you!

Let’s explore the implant-retained overdentures as compared to traditional dentures.

Dentures are specific to the upper and lower arch.

The structure of the lower overdenture is similar to a traditional denture with the addition of a SNAP-IN feature that attaches to a minimum of two posts placed securely into the lower tooth implants.

The upper overdenture is significantly different requiring a minimum of four posts (tooth implants) placed into the upper jawbone. Traditional dentures cover the roof of the mouth and extend to the throat. This provides a “suction effect” keeping the denture in place but may cause a gag reflex. Additionally, the taste buds in the palate are blocked affecting taste sensation. With the internal metal framework and SNAP-IN mechanism of an overdenture, the “suction effect” is no longer needed for retention leaving the palate open and taste buds exposed.

In terms of functionality, traditional dentures only provide up to 20% natural teeth chewing ability. Overdentures increase that percentage up to 50% of normal biting force. Click to learn more of how to increase function to 100%

From a comfort perspective, the implant posts prevent the wearer from pressing too hard and jamming the overdenture into the gums while chewing. Since overdentures are removable, they are easy to clean daily. Maintenance requires an annual replacement of the SNAP-IN attachment o-rings and occasional recline for optimal fit.

So what does this really mean? Secure fit, stability, no messy denture adhesives and most of all your teeth won’t fall out when speaking or chewing! Favorite foods and conversations can be enjoyed again!