Dewata Rituals (En🇬🇪) Rapé morning session.

The classic Rapé session for groups of 3 and more people ~ 4 hours. (Individually negotiated separately)

1. Ritual Rape 2. Cocoa 3. Energy Purification Ceremony 4. Holy morning bathing 5. Breakfast 6. Sacred shop visit

For those who are just getting acquainted with shamanism and traditional medicine of the Amazonian tribes.

About Princess Shankari and Ritual Space:

Shankari - Alchemist, Universal Love, shaman, mother of 5 children, makes sacred jewelry with special energy, the design of which comes from higher powers. The princess draws sketches and has a production. For more than 30 years, she has been diligently laying out a mosaic in her castle with sacred intricate drawings.

All jewelry and sacred objects of the princess, shaman and alchemist - Shankari - are made manually in the Sacred Space-castle, where our retreat will take place.

You will arrive at Princess Shankari Castle in the morning before sunrise, we will meet and get on the sacred roof of the castle where we will conduct a sacred traditional ritual of acquaintance with Rapé.

Also, before the ritual, we will perform a rite of purification of the external body and after the ritual we will drink an invigorating ceremonial cocoa prepared according to a secret recipe.

After that, we will get to the beach of alienation, where at will we bathe having received the strongest first energy of the day, and we also bathe in the fresh river flowing from the volcano.

We will return to the castle where breakfast will be prepared for you in the restaurant, after which you can continue your journey through the beautiful island of Bali with renewed vigor and pure consciousness.

Then, if you wish, we will visit the shop "The Wizard and the Princess" where you can purchase souvenirs and shamanistic products.

About Explorer:

Ilya Dewa is an alchemist, musician, designer of shamanistic clothes.

The spiritual student of Princess Shankari.

He has initiations from shamans from different countries of the planet, such as Indonesia, Belgium, Russia, Ukraine.

Through the shaman, Xavier Flow has enlightenment from an extraterrestrial race from the planet Sirius, intergalactic shamanism.

Experience in conducting sessions and rituals with an international audience (England, Ireland, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, Indonesia)

Directions: fairy tale therapy, Rape rituals, work with plants of power, rituals of purification.

He has been studying and practicing shamanism of different peoples of the world for 1.5 years, uniting the responding cultures.

Experience in Amazonian shamanism, traditional Balinese culture, interaction with shamans and constant study of new technologies of shamanism.

Who is a shaman? The shaman is the Universal Love for everything in this world. And Love is always in trend!

About Rapé:

Rapé works in the subtle area of ​​the mind, the first thing we feel when we use Rapé is the immediate cessation of thoughts, ideas, predictions and constant fluctuations in our mind, we experience deep emptiness and are in peace and quiet, we feel calm.

In addition, it helps to detoxify the body, cleanses of toxins and destroys harmful bacteria, thereby helping to fight colds and other diseases.

The mystery of its preparation is transmitted in a sacred way from the ashes and hand-ground sacred plants from the shores of the Amazon.

Rapé contains incredible energy and strength, therefore, requires strict adherence to certain rules when. Rapé is the concept of a harmonious connection between man and nature, a journey inside himself, an awakening of the spirit and a return to the greatest possibilities of luminous beings. It is a force that provides amazing lessons and skills in the astral and physical world, together with the incredibly powerful healing effect of both the “soul” and the physical body.

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