July 10, 2020

Tips to prevent split ends

1. Avoid heat

Heat can cause a lot of damage to your hair. My rule is: If it's too hot for your skin, it's too hot for your hair. It is not surprising that heat is bad for your hair when you consider that hair is made up of the same proteins (keratin) as your skin.

So leave that hairdryer and other heat devices nice and clean and also watch out with hot water and the sun.

2. Choose the right hairbrush or comb

You comb or brush your hair every day, sometimes several times a day. So it's no wonder researchers say this is one of the biggest causes of damage to your hair.

The right comb or brush can make all the difference. In general, it is best to detangle your hair with your hands or with a wide-toothed comb. But it also differs per hair type what the best method of combing/brushing is and which comb or brush is most suitable for this. It is therefore advisable to delve into what is good for your hair.

3. Use hair-friendly hair accessories

When you put your hair up, it is important to do this with accessories that do not damage your hair.

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4. Use oil for your hair

Oil creates a protective layer around your hair and helps to retain water in your hair. This ensures that your hair is less damaged and well hydrated.

5. Choose the right shampoo and wash in moderation

Washing your hair may be very good in terms of hygiene, but it is actually not that good for your hair at all. The best thing for your hair is to wash as little as possible and choose a mild shampoo or no 'poo product.