November 2, 2020


What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is when an organization uses email to promote its products or services. It is a form of direct marketing. It can be used to build customer relationships. It is an Email Marketing Tools in the online marketing mix that is used in conjunction with other channels such as social media and pay-per-click advertising.

Create Engaging Content For Your Email Marketing

After customers open your email, whether they are forced to click on your link will depend on the quality of your message, the content in the email, and its relevance to them. Put yourself in your customers' shoes-knowing your audience will help you generate emails that better suit their needs and expectations.

Email Header

Include a header with a company logo so that customers can identify the source of the email after opening the email. This also increases brand awareness and consistency. A link from the logo to the homepage of the website is also desirable. Keep it simple and don't let the header dominate the email template. Be careful not to add too much distraction in the title, such as website navigation. Remember, the purpose of email is to make customers click on one or more important messages in the body of the email.

Internal Volume

Too many messages in an email can confuse customers and may cause them to delete your email or unsubscribe. Before building an email, please clearly understand what you want to convey to your customers and what customers want them to do after opening the email. For example, if you want to promote a lot of products or services, one email is focused It will be more effective for a specific product/service or a collection of related products/services.

Email Template Layout

A successful email layout not only looks good, but it also showcases your content in a way that guides readers through your message and encourages them to continue to achieve your goal (ie click on one or more links). You need to strike the right balance between useful and attractive email. Designed to use a layout that makes the content easy to understand, browse, and use.

Call For Action

This is the most important aspect of your email, and it is also what you want customers to do after opening your email. Before constructing the email template, please clarify the ultimate goal of the email-do you want customers to buy goods, read articles, make appointments, or watch videos? A single call to action that meets the ultimate goal can be very effective because the recipient can clearly know what products they want them to buy, such as buying a specific product. Too many calls to action in an email can dilute your message, confuse customers, and prevent them from interacting with the message.

You should use words that encourage action, such as providing a clear call to action in an email. Buy this product, subscribe to our service, read our reviews, make an appointment. You can also create a sense of urgency with calls to action, such as emphasizing the limitations of the offer: the offer’s discount lasts until Tuesday.

Image In Email Template

You should use a combination of pictures and text in your email. The picture should be supplemented with text to help you convey the message. Make sure to hyperlink your image and add alternate text, as some Internet Service Providers (isps) prevent images from displaying by default. This is especially important to remember if you want to use an image as a call-to-action button. Optimize the size of the image so that it can be scaled appropriately when opened on a mobile device.

Text In Email Template

Treat your emails as teasing and aim to encourage customers to perform certain actions, such as reading more information or purchasing products or services on your website-don't try to include everything in the email. Customers are likely to skim your email, so keep the text to a minimum, use the title, and include keywords that support this process. Write email copies as if you were communicating directly with individuals rather than with large audiences. You can do this by replacing the words "we and ours" with "you and yours", such as "Did you dream of a beach vacation? A 20% discount on your next trip".

Social Media Buttons

To align your email marketing with social media, you can include social sharing buttons so that customers can post specific content in the email to their social media accounts. Adding a recognizable social media icon will invite your customers to spread the message for you. In addition, you can highlight on social media that your latest email newsletter will be published a day or two before the email is sent. This may encourage people to sign up to receive it.

Email Footer

According to legal requirements, you must provide the company name and address details. You should include other ways customers can contact you, such as your email address or phone number. Legally, you must also include an unsubscribe link. Most email marketers put these details and unsubscribe links in the footer.

Mobile Optimization

Compared with desktop computers, there are more customers accessing email through mobile devices, so email must be optimized for mobile devices. Email will