May 26, 2021

Fanspel Token Price Analysis -26 May 2021

Fanspel plunged to a low of $0.41 from the downward trend that emerged during the weekend. The price of many cryptocurrencies saw a huge slump during the weekend that prompted a major sell-off in the cryptocurrency markets.

The digital currency hit a low of $0.39 at some point on Tuesday as selling escalated among Fanspel investors. The bulls managed to push the price back to the $0.41 resistance but they couldn’t break the resistance as the price went on a strong course downward.

On Wednesday, the price continued on a strong bearish course to $0.38 at the opening hours of the day. The downtrend established a strong position as the bears pushed the price downwards, extending the low to $0.32. A sharp drop was then realized at midday taking the price to a low of $0.21. The drop was so significant and hasn’t been realized in months. This was partly due to the announcement from Tesla to stop accepting Bitcoin as a payment option because of environmental reasons which affected the prices of most cryptocurrencies in the markets.

Fanspel rebounded from the strong downtrend and went on to progress to the $0.32 mark, still on Wednesday. The rebound ended at the $0.32 resistance and went on another sharp dump to $0.24. It was a very busy and volatile day for Fanspel as the price fluctuated strongly at various intervals.

The opening hours on Thursday were pretty much decided from the closing on Wednesday. The bears kept pushing the price downwards until it dipped at $0.23. The price then rebounded and surged to $0.30 at mid-day as the bulls bought the dip. A high was then found at the $0.34 mark but couldn’t break that resistance to surge further upwards.

The next trading sessions in the chart displayed uncertainty in the Fanspel price as it fluctuated across close ranges. The next significant movement on the chart emerged at an intranet low on Friday when the dropped to $0.26. The bulls struggled to raise the price but the bears dominated, decreasing the price to the $0.21 low.

The price rebounded to $0.26 but later went on a bearish course to the $0.81 low. Fanspel currently trades at $0.26 after a strong bullish course that emerged on Monday (24/05) and extended to $0.30 on Tuesday. Although the price is currently in a bearish trend, it is looking like a good week for cryptocurrencies across the globe.

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