February 18, 2020

Project News for January

Infrastructure for partners and personal accounts:

- The ability to pay PerfectMoney is connected.
- Connected the ability to pay by credit cards from around the world.
- Created and added to your account promo packages for $ 100 and $ 250 with the possibility of purchase in installments. Promo valid until 02.29.2020
- A payment schedule has been added to the installment interface, an installment mechanism has been changed;
- Improved the Ref / program section -> My team: added filters to search for partners by ID, name, phone, level, email; added quick translation buttons between partners; Pie charts by country added;
- In the telegram of the bot of partners, the display of the Country of a lower partner has been added;
- The main report has been finalized on the main page, indicators on the referral structure have been added;
- The functionality for the Members of the International Leadership Councils has been developed, it is activated when you enter the certificate number of the Leadership Council Member, the "Certificates" tab has been added to the "Profile" section;
- The section “About the Company” contains official documents;
- Fixed minor bugs and made changes for the convenience of partners.
- Released 8 releases of your personal account. Implemented more than 50 changes and new options.

Work with partners, project development around the world:

- Conducted 4 webinars in Russian. Three of them are with the project’s CEO Alexei Ognev, one with the Technical Director and the Director of Strategic Development.
- A personal visit of the Director of Strategic Development to Indonesia and the official opening of the International Leadership Council in Indonesia with 11 council members were organized and held, meetings were held in Bali and Jakarta, a significant event is planned for 300-500 people in the city of Manado, in a few months. Indonesia has become a leader in the number of registrations and second in terms of investment after Russia.
- The mechanism for creating leadership councils has been launched, a separate e-mail has been created to account for messages from active leaders [email protected], more than 30 applications for joining the international leadership council from different countries have been received.
- The project concept has been translated into Italian, launched in Hindi translation.
- A meeting was held in the office of the company with a leader who personally visited the office, a tour was held, an acquaintance with the team and the process of work, and participation in business meetings at the bigdata laboratory NSU (https://bigdata.nsu.ru/)
- 4 Skype meetings were held with leaders from Europe and Africa, the launch of international leadership councils is being prepared.
- A technical support system has been introduced taking into account each ZenDesk call, a widget has been created on the site for contacting technical support, more than 200 partner calls have been processed, and a planned response rate of less than 24 hours has been reached.

IT infrastructure, internal processes, AI development:

- A separate server is deployed for personal account systems with 1C.
- A meeting was held with the founder of RoiStat.com, an invitation was received to the closed community of venture investors and to related events.
- A contractor for work with intellectual property has been determined, the first stage of work has been paid, work has begun on the accumulation of intellectual property within the project.
- A financial director was hired, management accounting was organized.
- The platform was integrated with the UniSender e-mail distribution system, a template was developed, contacts were imported, automatic synchronization of contacts was set up, and a system of automatic and manual distribution with important news was being prepared.
- Documents have been submitted for obtaining the Resident status of the Technopark of the Novosibirsk Academgorodok (regional operator Skolkovo) (https://academpark.com/).
- Continuing integration into a narrow community of DataScience and AI specialists. Two working meetings were held with Bigdata Laboratory NSU - one of the leaders of Datascience in Russia.
- More than 10 interviews were conducted with Backend, Frontend developers, DevOps, DataScience. For each position, there are specialists with experience in the largest Russian companies (2GIS, CFT, Sberbank, Beeline, etc.) who want to join the DigiU team. With some, work has begun on a project basis and the selection and testing phase.
- Implemented the first step towards building an industrial SDLC development stack - Software Development LyfeCycle.
- Atlassian infrastructure (Jira, Confluence, Bitbacket, Bambo, Sonar, FishEye) deployed ahead of the roadmap. Its setup and implementation has begun. This infrastructure is necessary for building industrial development processes and project management in accordance with the Scrum and Kanban methodology.
- The first steps have been taken to create a DMP - Data Management Platform. 4 cloud infrastructures are tested, suitable for the requirements, the requirements for web and mobile applications and the beginning of data collection are developed.
- We learned how to generate a voice in English from a text so that a native speaker cannot distinguish from a person. The work on the generation of Russian speech by the president’s voice is ongoing, more than 3 consultations have been held, dozens of hours of manual speech have been marked, various hardware for training neural networks for these tasks has been tested, the Nvidia Tesla V100 cloud solution has been selected, which gives a 3-4-fold increase in productivity.

We tried to choose important and interesting company news for you from the whole huge number of tasks and processes.

We strive to ensure that each partner better understands the specifics of the IT market, the prospects and inevitability of the introduction of artificial intelligence technologies in everyday life.

Regards, DigiU Team.

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