June 15, 2022

How to Alameda?

Main characters:

  1. Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF);
  2. Alameda Research (AR);
  3. FTX;
  4. Do Kwon (DK);
  5. Joseph Biden Jr (JB);
  6. Sam Trabucco (ST);
  7. Sasha Ivanov (SI).

The whole second cycle of Bitcoin (28-69) is handmade by Alameda Research & Co, in this article we will see how to become the biggest Crypto manipulator in the world in 3 steps.


Its no secret to anybody that Joseph Biden Jr. got the greatest political support in the hostory of US presidential elections but have you ever asked yourself - how can an elderly, unremarkable person receive such support? - The first answer that comes to your mind is correct - money, an excessive injection of dollars into the presidential company. But we are not here to discuss the Biden company - we are here to analyze the tactics of Alameda Research (AR) so lets start.

Biden donations list for October 2020

Here we can see Democratic's party donations that were made during October 2020, $6,240,000 made by Alameda Research and $5,220,000 from FTX, both companies controlled by our main character - the one and only Sam Bankman-Fried.

Raised by a family of lawyer teachers he knows how to dodge legal bullets. The reason why as well before Biden Campaign Sam Trabucco from co-CEO of Alameda became the sole CEO of it. And SBF removing himself as co-CEO to avoid conflict.

And this is just a prelude to the transition to the second step - lobbying.


As soon as JB won an election Bitcoin's Bull cycle started.

If you dont believe that whole Bull cycle was made by Alameda Research I suggest you to look at these extreme USDT moves made by them during cycle.

But real political lobbying peaked during the so-called Solana Summer, as SOL the biggest SBF & AR crypto bag.

Rising to the price of 260$ SOL became one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies ever made.

In September 2021 GMIPAC* launched confirming our hunches about cryptocurrency lobbying in the Senate.

*GMIPAC - platform that supports political candidates commited to making way for a more secure, competitive and innovative digital marketplace.


Part 1/3 - LUNA

What will you think of if asked about craziest dump in the history of cryptocurrency - LUNA / UST right?

So all LUNA and UST liquidity went straight into SBF and Trabucco pockets. Even more as soon as LUNA announced a progress, full stop of deposits and a possible rollback of chain before the attack, FTX closed LUNA-PERP. And they left only LUNA spot markets.

With LUNA and UST attacks , right now AR is the most liquid market-market on crypto as they as well directly affected their competition Jump Crypto, 3 Arrow Capital and other funds.

Part 2/3 - WAVES

It all started Sasha Ivanov's (SI) interview for Bloomberg… The interviewer came up with an interesting theory that WAVES price growth is somehow connected to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and mentioned a FTX transaction made on the eve of it.

Interviewer was curious if SI made that transaction and what he knows about it. Sasha was dumbfounded by the question, since FTX has a wrapped version of WAVES (they asked WAVES to pay $1.5 mln for native token integration :) ), and Sasha doesn't care for non-native integrations and don't follow them.

Besides, Sasha attributed WAVES growth to the US company they launched recently, growing TVL, and their new roadmap announcement (He had a very busy month). So he didn't give much thought to that and discarded it as a fluke.

During the first half of March WAVES price continued to grow, more TVL was added, new US team was on-boarded etc. But around the third week of March Sasha started to notice a lot of sour people on twitter, hellbent on shorting WAVES and unhappy about the growing price.

This campaign triggered liquidity withdrawal from http://vires.finance, so WAVES had to really look into what was going on. Sasha started with Vires lending platform, because before that someone had reached out to them asking to borrow 1 mln $WAVES (obviously to short).

But the thing is WAVES never sell (or lend for selling) $WAVES :) So Sasha started searching on Vires for who could borrow it there. And look who he found -

email: [email protected]
verified address: 3PHkZUJpS3AfmnXBNLCBmpqL25GJZb1hGiE

The account started borrowing $WAVES around March 20, sending it to Binance - https://wavesexplorer.com/address/3PHkZUJpS3AfmnXBNLCBmpqL25GJZb1hGiE/tx…, obviously to sell and make the price go lower. It started around the same time when the FUD campaign started.

So what do we have here: They were the first to push the price on FTX, but after the position was closed with profit the subsequent short trade the opened failed, because the price kept going up. Borrowing and FUD had to bring the price down and make the short profitable.

At this time, on April 2, USDN lost its peg to USD, on April 5, the asset fell below $0.75 on the BITTREX exchange.

And $WAVES started dumping hard

Part 3/3 - CELSIUS

Celsius Network appears to be running out of liquid funds to pay back investors who are redeeming their positions on the platform. There are discussions making the rounds on Twitter about Alameda Research allegedly exiting its positions on stETH, redeeming almost 50,000 of the asset for ETH. Alameda is one of the largest holders of Lido’s stETH, and some crypto community members are worried about a potential bank run.

Alameda swapped around 50k stETH to ETH

Doing that Alameda is started a depeg on stETH / ETH position which led to a huge dump of ETH (20% atm) and BTC.

FTX-Alameda Research is adding fuel to the blazing fire by pushing prices into large liquidations and contributing to the unbalancing of the pools of the pillars of the crypto economy - stablecoins. This will not end well in my opinion, and we may well see a repeat of March 2020.


Now you know that your bull-market heroes are in-fact the villains and those who stole from 95% of crypto retail. All this time people worshiped a bunch of well educated in finance with huge experience from Jane Street Capital that traded more than $17 trillion just in 2020.

Know your heroe's face

Sam Bankman-Fried

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