you think you like me.

you said you liked me, when in fact it was a lie.

you just know a pretty girl, that you would like to date. to be honest i was so sure that you see more than just a pretty girl, that i was actually glad that a guy like you thinks i'm interesting. you just see the pretty face and decent person just like everyone does. but when i tell the truth all of the sudden no one is around me.

'i want to be your friend' they say, but they are not interested in that. they just want to fuck you and make you fall in love with them. all they are looking for is a regular hook up, when all i am looking for is a person who i am in love with and feel free with. sometimes i think what i am asking for is too much. i overthink. that keeps tearing me down. that keeps me away from all of those opportunities. nevertheless, i cannot change myself in a seconds easy like that. all of the shit that moves people forward around doesn't do the same for me.

i know and believe that someday i'll find a person, who will understand me without any words. who will be madly in love with me the way i will be with him, who will be soulmate and lover. i will find the person and i will be happy, no matter what is going on with me right now.

i am not just a pretty face you can mess with, i am not. i am so proud that i am way more than just a pretty face.