December 30, 2020

Causes of delamination during synthesis of white corundum powder

The raw material of white corundum powder is white corundum made of high-quality aluminum oxide powder. The color of the product is white, which is harder and more brittle than brown corundum. It has stronger cutting power, good chemical stability, and good insulation.brown fused alumina manufacturers It is suitable for some In high-grade polishing and refractory materials, it is more popular among users during application. Then it occasionally has some delamination phenomenon when it is made into products. Then what is the reason for this?

1. Moisture moves downward from the pressure side. Double-sided pressure causes moisture concentration in the middle and lower parts and lowers the strength. Therefore, it also causes layered waste. Even if there is no crack after molding, cracks may occur during firing, so when drying It is more reasonable to be able to turn over and dry.

2. The gas in the molding material does not escape, the two sides have been compacted and concentrated in the middle to form an air layer. After the external pressure is removed, the gas expands into a middle layer.

3. When the pressure is high, the blank has a higher elasticity. The smaller the particle size of the white corundum powder, the closer the contact between the particles, and the smaller the change in stress transmission. hsl abrasive refractory factory In the pressing, double-sided pressure is used, and the middle layer of the product is the weakest, the friction is different from the upper, the middle and the lower, and the elasticity is different, so layer cracks are generated under the action of elastic stress.

4. When processing the finished product, the white corundum powder becomes larger when it is subjected to high pressure, and shrinks when it is not pressurized, causing the middle layer to crack and bulge up and down. So how to avoid this problem? In fact, the main reason is to find the products of white corundum powder in the production process. First of all, there must be strict processing procedures. Secondly, we must according to its performance and its performance in the processing process. The operation items are processed to avoid various problems that appear in the later stage of the rabbit.