Do you think it's safe to use a carbon air filter at home?

If you have an air purifier, it is likely that a carbon air filter will be included. Like HEPA air filters, carbon filters remove gases and impurities from the air. Most people like activated carbon filters because they are made of natural activated carbon. Activated carbon enables these filters to effectively resist volatile organic compounds released by ordinary household products in the air. These filters resist impurities including paint fumes, wood preservatives, aerosols, air fresheners, cleaners and disinfectants. So, is carbon fiber air filter safe to use around children and pets? Carbon air filter can be used safely in home or business. Activated carbon has been used for water purification and air purification for a long time. Today, scientific research has proved that they can be used safely, and many carbon filter air purifiers use this technology to remove particles and pollutants. Filters can clean up toxins in the air and neutralize unpleasant odors. Powdered carbon is a good choice for you.

Why use carbon fiber air filter?


The activated carbon in bamboo charcoal air purifier is nontoxic. That's because activated carbon alone is not classified as hazardous. Because it absorbs chemicals in the air, it can only become dangerous.

No chemicals

The carbon filter in the activated carbon air purifier is made of carbon containing raw materials rather than chemicals. These materials may include wood, bamboo, coal, coconut shells and coconut shells. Although some manufacturers use a chemical activation process to produce carbon, the process is carried out in an inert atmosphere. This explains why activated carbon is inert.

No fragrance

In the production of activated carbon filters, the manufacturer does not use spices. Instead, their ingredients allow the material to remove the aroma from the air stream.

What is the difference between carbon air filter and conventional filter?

Conventional air filters work by separating harmful particles from the air. That means they can extract things like fungi, pollen, dust, dirt, soot and bacteria. The difference between carbon air filter and conventional air filter is that carbon air filter not only purifies air, but also adds a layer of protection. Activated carbon filters react with harmful volcanic organic compounds, including odorous gases and ozone. They then eliminate VOC before you breathe. Conventional filters block foreign materials from entering the air stream, while activated carbon air filters combine with vapors, odors and other gases at the molecular level to prevent them from entering the duct.

Ionization filter and activated carbon

The ionization filter works by combining charged ions with impurities floating in the ambient air. Activated carbon filter can capture smoke and gaseous elements in the air. As a result, they prevent VOC and odor from spreading in the air. Purchase activated carbon, please choose us, we can provide activated charcoal wholesale bulk.