December 5, 2020

5 points of nutshell activated carbon during transportation and storage

Nutshell activated carbon is mainly used for the purification, decolorization, dechlorination, deodorization, desiccant, catalytic carrier, etc. of drinking water, purified water, wine making, beverages, and industrial sewage. So what should we pay attention to in daily transportation and storage?

1. Nutshell activated carbon should not be dragged with iron hooks during the whole process of logistics and transportation. It should be prevented that the nutshell activated carbon and hard organic matter are mixed together, and it is not allowed to vibrate, rub, step on or smash. In the case of loading and unloading, it is not allowed to throw, and light loading and unloading should be done to reduce the fragmentation of carbon particles and affect the use.

2. Nutshell activated carbon should be placed in a cool and dry area to prevent sunlight. The common method is to store activated carbon in a warehouse. It is not recommended to store activated carbon in an outdoor place or tent. It is also necessary to prevent the inner and outer packaging bags of the nutshell activated carbon from cracking.granular activated carbon manufacturers If the activated carbon is opened and used, it has been used in contact with the air to prevent moisture absorption and moisture absorption and certain impurities in the air, which will harm the nutshell activated carbon The actual effect of the adoption. It is forbidden to store it together with hazardous substances or volatile organic substances, and to prevent pollutants in storage.

3. Water should be immersed in the whole process of logistics, transportation, storage and use. Nutshell activated carbon should be a porous absorbing compound. If immersed in water, the water will fill the active gap to prevent the activated carbon from being saturated by absorption. The loss of the effect will seriously harm the actual effect of the use of activated carbon from the shell. Wet activated carbon needs to remove oxygen from the air, and the energy consumption of oxygen in a protective closed vessel can cause harmful loops.

4. In the whole process of use, remember to prevent tar-like viscous organic matter from entering the activated carbon bed to prevent blocking the gaps of the activated carbon or covering the surface of the activated carbon, so that air cannot touch the activated carbon. activated carbon wanyang The actual effect of activated carbon is lost. If the air contains such organic matter, it should be removed before the air enters the activated carbon bed (with decoking machinery and equipment) to achieve good practical effects.

5. The nutshell activated carbon should be prevented from direct contact with the fire, and should not be mixed with the compound. If the activated carbon filters xylene and other organic matter in the whole process of use, the ignition point will be lowered, and there will be a natural constant temperature rise during the whole process of absorption, which is easy to cause fire or explosion.

The transportation and storage of nutshell activated carbon can reduce waste and ensure the good use effect of nutshell activated carbon.