Global Power Slide Door Market by Types, Applications, and Regions — Global Industry Analysis, Growth, Share, Size, Trends, and Forecast 2019–2026

Global Power Slide Door Market is valued to grow at a healthy CAGR during the forecast period 2020–2026. Growth of busy and fast-paced lifestyles has increased the need for automation. Power slide doors decrease overhead costs, increase productivity, reliability and security. Use of these doors has save time, money, and energy thus driving the growth of the market.

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Generally, the door of an automobile is hinged to the automobile in such a way that the door opens away from the vehicle. However, sliding doors are mounted on a track and open by sliding horizontally. Sliding doors are mostly preferred for minivans and commercial vehicles, as they offer a wider opening and enable easy loading and unloading of load or goods. Sliding doors can be operated manually or by some kind of actuating device. Power sliding doors are generally operated by the using actuating devices that sense their position and accordingly slide horizontally when signal or command is given.

The power sliding door market for automotive can be segmented based on drive type, direction of opening, vehicle type, and geography. In terms of drive type, the power sliding door for automotive can be segregated into three segments. Electric drive type doors are preferred on most vehicles, as they provide better control over opening and closing.

Market Overview

  • Growth in the construction industry is fueling the expansion of the power slide door market.
  • Rising awareness regarding the new developments in technology, which can be employed for doors, is encouraging people to use these doors for safety, privacy, and security of their establishments. Additionally, these doors are highly convenient and save space. The doors are used to improve building efficacy and construction output. These factors have increased the demand for power slide doors across the globe.
  • Power slide doors provide ease and convenience to the users, especially in hospitals and malls. They help reduce energy loses in air-conditioned establishments. Their superior sealing properties increase security in areas such as laboratories and hospitals. They are extensively used utilized in subways to prevent mishaps. Hence, several governments are increasing their investments in deploying these doors across the country. This, in turn, is anticipated to create opportunities in the market.
  • However, high cost of the power slide doors and the need for their regular maintenance are likely to hamper the growth of the market.

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