November 12, 2021

Things you should know before deciding Lej projector for your party.

When we talk about projectors, models, sizes, resolutions, connections... Our first idea is to purchase the product in question. Yet there are other solutions, such as Lej projector. But will it be worth it? It depends on the situation and various factors: let's find out together about this new option!

Why rent a projector?

There are many benefits of renting a projector. Now let's see more deeply what the convenient points in Lej projector are.

  • You get the opportunity to test a model before buying it: in this way you can safely decide if you want to buy a projector and which model you prefer according to your needs, without worrying about spending money unnecessarily.
  • If the use of the projector is planned for rare or almost single events, it is useless to buy one and then leave it to gather dust in the cellar. Resist the impulse, and give it a try with the rental: so you can make a sensible choice without throwing money. Get the best projectors in rent from the best Fest leje service providers.
  • In addition, thanks to the rental you can use professional equipment, which otherwise you could not perhaps afford to buy: excellent results at the lowest cost!
  • We do not even have to worry about maintenance, storage, or storage since the product is not our property.
  • You can thus save large amounts of money to invest for the better.
  • And finally, you don't even have to worry about the end-of-life disposal of the product!
leje projektor

Tips to remember before renting a projector

In short, deciding whether or not to rent a projector from Fest leje service providers is not a small matter. There are many factors at stake. And you don't always know whether to trust or not or what to base your decision on. Let's try to give you some advice to help you in this endeavor! One after another:

  • If you need a projector with and over 5000 ANSI lumens, it is best to check that it has an HD resolution (1280 x 800 p) and a reliable brand – if possible, also acquire the year of manufacture;
  • In case you are about to Lej projector, always ask for the model and its year. In the case of video projectors with a resolution lower than the one previously mentioned (eg 1024 x 768 pixels frizz.) better desist; these are most likely dated models that have remained in circulation despite the production of these has been blocked for years (note the excessive size).
  • The projectors with a resolution of 800 x 600 p are most likely produced not for professional use but for leisure;
  • Always compare the product chosen in the quote and the one delivered or withdrawn: everyone can make mistakes, but checking as soon as possible eliminates unpleasant inconveniences in the future;
  • Many Fest leje agencies offer the opportunity to do on-site rehearsals, take advantage of it!
  • Always check that the agency has a telephone assistance system, to be contacted in case of need;
  • Always ask for the native resolution of the projector! Some products may be advertised with a higher resolution, but what is always authentic is the native resolution;

Why you must Lej projector from the best Fest leje agency?

Fest leje services are quite important, in case you want to organize an event. They become almost technical-artistic partners, providing video equipment of a decidedly high level(simple, resistant, new, high quality, best brands, excellent contrast, HD resolution, various powers, different optics, etc.)and qualified personnel ready to help in the assembly, pointing and positioning they party equipment.

  • In some cases the staff could also offer a preventive inspection service; depending on the model needed they provide it to you in practical ready-to-use containers, equipped with the various cables required, even the home service of round-trip transport from the day before the screening is available in some cases, and without additional costs! Otherwise, it is always available to pick up at the premises by appointment, where you can view the product and make a pre-rental preventive test.
  • Some Fest leje companies also offer different packages, depending on the need(with or without screen). An economic service for excellent results.
  • In conferences, meetings, sporting events, motivational videos, videos, photo galleries, special moments, presentations, corporate events, conventions, weddings, fairs, conventions, conferences, events, training courses, etc.
  • In addition, some agencies use a calculation method for the rental(rental to scale) which provides for an increase in customer savings directly proportional to the length of the rental period(total amounts items x root square days rental).

So hurry up now and rent a projector for your event at the best price!