Dmitry Raevsky is a thinker, philosopher, healer, and for many people also a teacher who reveals their inner potential, shares his own way and vast experience and teaches the laws of the Universe. We talked to this outstanding man about why we need to develop, what happiness is and how to achieve it.

Corr. : - Dmitry, tell us a few words about yourself

Dmitry Raevsky : - When I was 15, new neighbors appeared, and we became good friends with these people. They invited me to study qigong and wushu and they had a great library. It was the Soviet Union period, 88-89, when the KGB did not allow anything, and there was nothing in the shops. I particularly liked one book: “The Seven great mysteries of space”. It was not even a book, but printouts, partly copied by hand. It told about the structure of the world, the Universe. I later learned that its author, Stulginskis, wrote this book in the age of 30 as a series of essays. He studied from Nikolay Roerich and sent him his notes, and Nikolay returned to him the corrected versions, and thus this book was born. I was very impressed with it, and realized that I want to devote my life to a deep study of such things.

Corr. : - Dmitry, what did you start with?

Dmitry Raevsky : - In 1999 I went to Tibet for the first time, there I met my teacher. One night I was walking, and I almost fell through – there was a deep crevice, which one cannot see at once, and the battery on the flashlight ran out. Suddenly I heard a voice next to me, and it said in pure Russian: "You chose a dangerous road"... Thus, I met my teacher. He's a real wizard. He can move at the speed of thought, speaks without opening his mouth, can read thoughts. I am very glad that I met him, and since then my life has changed.

I returned to Russia. I had a good job, a car, a decent apartment. Family, children were born. But that's all... the longer you live – the more you want to be surprised. You know, life just goes by, and you're still nothing. Children will grow up, money will be spent, and what then?

And in 2007 I realized that I had to do something and began to gather like-minded people. Created school, traveled around the country with seminars. Started going to the mountains – this is basically a very powerful springboard for development…

Corr. : - What kind of knowledge is that? What exactly do you teach people?

Dmitry Raevsky : - These are the laws of the cosmos, of the universe: how the world around us organized, how society works, what is the real structure of the human being, what progresses and what degrades. Following these laws, you can seriously change your life and become a happy person. It's like an answer to the question: what to do? This knowledge is the same that taught by Plato, Buddha, Confucius or Jesus. This is a single universal truth, which is common for all great teachers.

Corr. : - In general, it’s clear, but how it works in practice?

Dmitry Raevsky : - The principle is simple - you change yourself, and then life around you also changes. The most important thing is to understand the principle. Our life is a set of decisions that we take. But the decisions we make are a consequence of who we are. If we change, our decisions change and our lives change. First you need to start thinking in a new way. The disciples of Buddha, Confucius and Plato eventually learned how to think and became the most influential people in their countries, determined the development of their states.

How to run changes in your life? First – you should understand that changes are necessary. The second – you have to find a team with which you will carry them out. And to act then. Nothing can be done without a team, and the team is not a gray crowd. These are people who are gathered around a bright leader to create something great, a loner will not do anything.

Corr. : - How it is possible?

Dmitry Raevsky : - Man is a social being. Man is determined by the environment, and even kings are nothing without retinue. We all belong to the society and follow its’ rules. Therefore, in coaching there is a law: you cannot change a person, but you can change the environment, and then the people who belong to it will become like this environment.

At our school we create the right environment. There are curators who set a certain tone. According to the law of broadcasting this tone flows to beginners. And now the environment reveals the talents of disciples and changes them.

Corr.: - Why at all people need any development?

Dmitry Raevsky : - When a person understands that it’s boring to be just a consumer, and feels a taste for the development of life, he begins to develop two higher tools of knowledge. Heart and mind merge into one and form a single sense. He becomes a person who is no longer mistaken in his assessments, in his decisions, he is a wise and very effective person. Strugatsky called such a person "Progressor".

Corr. : - What do you teach in Raevsky school?

Dmitry Raevsky : - In Raevsky school we study not only Buddhism, Christianity, Plato, psychology or coaching – we also study modern Western trends, because a Progressor must be effective in everything. To understand not only yourself, but also to be able to create an effective team, a good plan and implement it. It does not matter whether it is a business plan, a plan of an event or a life plan – a person should be harmoniously developed and well manage money and life and help other people in this.

Ascending these steps, from the lower personality to the higher, human being grows. And if he does not ascend, then most likely he will not only become ineffective, but also unhappy. People who have achieved something, understand this very well. Steve Jobs once said that he would give all his inventions and shares in exchange for one conversation with Socrates.

Corr. : - What is happiness in your understanding? And how to reach it?

Dmitry Raevsky : - There has been a very interesting study by Plato and Socrates, who investigated happiness. They deduced such an interesting law: the more pleasure one has in life – the less happiness he has. These concepts are antagonistic.

But the point is not that you have to limit yourself to find happiness. I am personally a very happy person for more than 20 years at least. I came to a conclusion: happiness is when you really serve people. In my life, the most shining moments, like a bright flash, were at the moment when I saw: what I do – transforms people. They suddenly light up with an internal fire, acquire meaning. It is so grandiose bliss, in comparison to with which any human treasures are simply meaningless.

Corr. : - Are there any special people who help this process?

Dmitry Raevsky : - But do not think that some special people can make other people happy. What did the founders of philosophy and religion do? They showed people that it was possible to live differently, and I created the Raevsky school similar to the ones run by Confucius and Plato. When people come loaded by their own affairs, and here they get released from their heavy cargo, and they blossom, their wings become revealed. Their consciousness, potential get revealed, they become happy, but in addition, they get special tools for changing the world around them and making other people happy!

People who study with us, come back to their homes, and there somehow transform the world, change something. They do this because they have changed themselves. I want to unlock the potential of people, to prepare them for a New world. For this I live, and it fills me with happiness!

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