May 11, 2020

Automotive Powertrain Management System Market Demand Would Increase Rapidly

Automotive Powertrain Management System: Introduction

  • Automotive powertrain system is an integral part of a vehicle and comprises a drive unit, which includes engine system, transmission system, and battery pack. Every vehicle is driven by a source of power that is transmitted by the powertrain system. The transmission system comprises gears, differential, and propeller shaft, which is also a part of the powertrain system.
  • Powertrain management system consists of an electronic control unit and various types of sensors, including pressure sensor and temperature sensor that provides an alert in the vehicle. The electronic control unit is the heart of the powertrain system; the main function of powertrain management system is to control the air-fuel ratio and ignition timing. The powertrain management system includes the emission control unit, which in turn is estimated to drive the powertrain management system market.

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Key drivers of global automotive powertrain management system market

  • The automotive powertrain management system market is driven by the production of vehicles. Rise in demand for electronic components in vehicles, including electronic control unit and sensors, is estimated to drive the automotive management system market. Passenger vehicle comprises with many components including transfer case and overdrive which has major demand in automobile industries which will play a key role to drive the powertrain management system market.
  • Rise in demand for electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles across the globe is estimated to propel the demand for powertrain management system. Governments across the globe have enacted stringent regulations against emissions from vehicles owing to combustion of fuels including petrol, diesel, and biodiesel. Euro 6 or BS6 is the latest emission regulation, and the powertrain management system can be utilized to curb emission of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and carbon dioxide.
  • Pleasure Craft Engine Group developed a marine engine with the Clean Emission System (CES) to reduce emission of exhaust gases including nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide.

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