Turf Shoes Market Growth, Trend, Forecast Analysis

Turf shoes are specialized shoes which have extremely durable rubber outsoles. Turf shoes, on their outsoles, have compact rubber studs and patterns which help them to improve the traction and reduce the possibility of slipping on artificial, natural, or hard turfs. The height of turf shoes is normally low-top but are adjustable. Turf shoes also guarantee maximum mobility and are well-matched for sports training. The market is characterized by the existence of major turf shoe manufacturers who have established operations across multiple locations. The market is also distinguished by innovation in terms of launches and products from new vendors.

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Many factors drive the global turf shoes market. Recent years have seen tremendous growth in the number of grassroots programs related to football and cricket among other sports. These programs are now widely conducted in clubs, communities, and schools which is expected to be a major driver of the market. Growing technological advancements associated with wearables linked with shoes is also expected to be a driver of the market. Moreover, the innovations in material used are also anticipated to boost the market. Additionally, increased awareness about the importance of exercise and maintaining fitness along with the promotional strategies of shoe manufacturers are expected to propel the growth of the market.

There are, however, some factors restraining the market’s growth. The lack of infrastructure and popularity are expected to be the major factors hindering the market’s growth. Many countries do not have the necessary infrastructure to support all kinds of sports. The popularity of one game over another, like cricket in India, has compelled the masses to take up the other sports as just a trend which is limiting the market size. Furthermore, the high prices of turf shoes as compared to normal shoes keep them out of the reach of the masses. This factor is also expected to emerge as a restraint to the growth of the market.