March 16, 2020

Flame and Detonation Arrestor Market Emerging Trends And Strong Application Scope

Flame and Detonation Arrestor Market – Introduction

  • Flame and detonation arresters are mechanical devices installed in a flammable vapor piping system or on a storage tank nozzle. Additionally, the main function of a flame and detonation arrester is to extinguish any flame front propagating through flammable air or vapor mixture during emergency.
  • Flame arresters are also known as deflagration arresters, and are used to stop fire from spreading in the storage tank or in pipework. Moreover, detonation arresters are robust and used to prevent from an explosion.
  • Flame and detonation arresters are mounted on controlling the pressure drop across storage vessels and pipes. In terms of installation type, the flame and detonation arrestor market can be classified into horizontal flame arresters and vertical flame arresters.
  • Vertical arresters are installed in vent or outlet lines, while horizontal arresters are mounted on storage tanks and pipelines
  • Flame and detonation arresters are the device that is used to stop the explosive gaseous and liquid and mixtures, so as the range of explosion cannot spread.
  • Flame and detonation arresters absorb the heat in the flame front. Moreover, it is also used to reduce the temperature under auto ignition to extinguish the flame.

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Flame and Detonation Arrestor Market – Dynamics

Key Drivers of Flame and Detonation Arrestor Market

  • Explosions and fire threats in the chemical industry are expected to drive the demand for flame and detonation arresters, thus fueling market growth
  • Growth of oil & gas industry globally is expected to propel the demand for flame and detonation arrestors during the forecast period. There is a high risk of explosion during oil & gas production.
  • Flame and detonation arrestors are also used in the hydrogenation process in the pharmaceutical industry to prevent fire. This is anticipated to augment the expansion of the flame and detonation market during the forecast period. Moreover, the mining industry can also be a potential end-user of flame and detonation arrestors.