Overhead Traveling Cleaner (OHTC) Market Emerging Trends, Business Growth Opportunities and Major Driving Factors

Global Overhead Traveling Cleaner (OHTC) Market: Introduction

  • An overhead traveling cleaner (OHTC) is an equipment used to clean the machine parts of yarn processing or producing machine in textile mills by blowing the filtered atmospheric air through the nozzles. In addition, an OHTC maintains the intricate parts of a machine from dust, so as to enhance the quality of the yarn.
  • An OHTC has various features including adjustable blowing power, energy efficient motor, suction pipes with filter, durable blowing, and auto reversing at both the ends of the machine which is beneficial in processing yarn.
  • Furthermore, the main purpose of an overhead traveling cleaner is to segregate fluff and waste, and to eliminate moist starch content probably present in the yarn for maximizing the production.
  • OHTC are durable, strong, and highly effective performing equipment, with features such as high suction, flexibility, and a long functional life, so as to keep the looms in optimum cleaning conditions.

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Global Overhead Traveling Cleaner (OHTC) Market: Dynamics

  • Key Drivers of Overhead Traveling Cleaner (OHTC) Market

Rise in Demand for Overhead Traveling Cleaners in Textile Industry

  • The continuously growing demand for overhead traveling cleaners in textile industry to keep the textile mill clean, is a major factor which is likely to drive the global overhead traveling cleaner (OHTC) market in the next few years.
  • An overhead Traveling cleaner collects the fluffs and flies in the air and near the machine parts by sucking and blowing the air. This, in turn, has augmented the demand for overhead traveling cleaners across the globe.
  • Rapid increase in population and large dependency on textile products are projected to drive the global overhead traveling cleaner (OHTC) market during the forecast period.

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