Man Portable Rocket Launchers Market Overview On Revolutionary Trends

A rocket launcher is a firearm system that launches a missile-propelled projectile and rockets. These launchers comes in numerous shapes, sizes and uses. Based on the technique of application, they are categorized into large-scale variants such as vehicle-mounted rocket launchers and infantry variant rocket launchers such as man-portable. Man-portable rocket launchers are likely to be carried by a group of individuals or an individual to the location of operation, whereas, vehicle-mounted rocket launchers are attached on any type of vehicles like ships, aircraft, tankers, trucks and armored vehicles.

Emergence of multi featured systems is one of the major trend in the global man portable rocket launcher market. For instance, Saab developed a lightweight, man-portable recoilless rifle, M3 Carl Gustaf, which is a combination of bazooka and an artillery gun. The propellant at the base of the projectile like a rocket stops the system from burning beyond the barrel hence, the thrust of the rocket aids in rapid forward movement of the missile. The system is developed recoilless by allowing the propellant gas to be engaged backward.

The increasing requirement for lightweight rocket launchers is likely to boost the growing prospects for the global man-portable rocket launcher market during the forecast period from 2017 to 2025. To support soldiers at the time of combat operations they are likely to carry several pounds of armed weapons and additional weapons to the battleground that includes batteries and weapon systems. Subsequently these equipment and weapons are heavy to carry, it is essential to offer the soldiers with lightweight gears to augment their enactment on the battleground. For example, certain lightweight rocket launchers are RGW 90, M3 Carl Gustaf, RPG-7 and RPO-A Shmel. Additionally, one of the key factors accountable for reducing the load of rocket launchers is the implementation of smart textiles. Consequently, numerous weapon dealers have begun swapping the heavyweight portable rocket launchers and conventional mortars with highly accurate and lightweight systems.

The introduction of launchers having less collateral damage is driving the growth prospects for the global man-portable rocket launcher market during the forecast period. Moreover, they are designed to decrease the flash, firing noise and smoke. Additionally, the ability of these less collateral damage rocket launchers to break doors or walls of buildings at the time of an assault in urban combat operations is growing its demand in the market.